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  1. Bro-Dan will also be available, but mainly for entertainment's sake. You can get me an nooch together in a package deal
  2. My team was pretty well known for picking quite untopical affs... on alternative energy, we read icebreakers (they are nuclear powered! nuclear is alternative! let's go grab dat arctic oil!). On social services, we enforced legislation that was passed in 2005 (VAWA). On Mil, we read special ops (arguably the most topical of the bunch). On Space, we read private sector tourism (90% of my 2ar's were its T). I hated it, but I didn't hate it enough to go find topical affs.
  3. flirt77

    Debate Team

    Shall we petition for addition to netflix? Finding a willing donor of a username and password is much easier than finding a digital copy of the movie.
  4. flirt77

    Debate Team

    Just buy it! No more active links to watch it that I know of. Or get your kicks by just watching the WGLF on youtube.
  5. To my knowledge, congestion does not cause George Washington. Sudafed solves anyways?
  6. flirt77


    There are so many new K's out there that fall into the "other" category, it's not even worth trying to list them. If you feel flustered, stick to your basic K strategy (POSTAL), even if you don't fully comprehend the thesis of the K (ie, don't concede the flow because you don't have a 2ac block to it yet). Attack the alternative solvency, make perms to test the competitiveness of the alt, etc. If you don't know what I mean by postal, search it on the site. Tons of discussion about it already. Hint, it's an acronym.
  7. I was a novice debating varsity (gotta <3 small squads), and my partner was pretty... well let's just say he wasn't quite TOC champ quality. But what he did have was a K that he would only read if I was his partner... the Jewish Sabbath K (we were both jewish). We should not debate on saturday, we should instead use this day to rest and praise God. It is a horrible argument, it was terribly debated, but I did very much enjoy pretending to debate while really saying prayers in a language nobody in the room understood.
  8. Millard South's Guernica aff. /thread
  9. This is semi-convincing. But what in the hell would the point of those alterations be? I also found it comical that the Registrar's name is UKL Lee (ukulele). Hawaiian jokes. How funny, amirite?
  10. Just saw 12 Monkeys, and damn, it deserves some recognition (despite my hate of time loops...)
  11. truth statement right there.
  12. Functionally, you start as a character with nothing. Then you dig up some cubes of different materials, craft them together to make tools, weapons, houses, anything you can imagine. And at night, zombies, exploding green penises, crossbow-firing skeletons and spiders come at you. With your newly crafted sword (or chillin at home) you can overcome these enemies. Click the link in my signature for a quick taste, see related videos for regular gameplay by my fav- seananners. EDIT: Almost forgot the randomly spawning farm animals that you can ride (if you craft a saddle) or kill for the resources they give.
  13. Anyone else interested? I think it would be quite... interesting (especially to see if trolling here is correlated to griefing there...) If I get at least 3 affirmative responses to this, I may just start a server. And yes, Minecraft is an art. That is why it is in the arts forum.
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