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  1. semis results/what went down at the RR
  2. Jstockton

    NDT First Rounds

    Did Cal Polin/Bowen not get a first round?
  3. Hey can you guys post full text citations for the cards you have in your 1AC that you need access to journals for? Thanks.
  4. Does anybody know who these lab leaders are?
  5. Right-if you actually go to the website where you can check how many points you have, those tournaments I listed are the only ones that, as of now count toward NDCA.
  6. IS there a reason there are only like 10 tournaments that count for this so far? It's Greenhill, St. Marks, New Trier, Chattahooche, Wake, Grapevine, UT, Glenbrooks, Hockada, UNT, Meadows, Long Beach.
  7. Semis results/panels?
  8. Was there ever confirmation on a final team list? Are teams like Brophy and Westminster coming like they've done in the past or was that the final team list?
  9. can somebody from OPRF either confirm or deny that the tournament is occurring with(or without) the semis bid Maine East had? thanks
  10. Hey, is this tournament replacing the Maine East tournament? Does anybody know what weekend it is or if it is retaining Maine East's semis bid?
  11. First, let me say that I think the military topic would be overwhelmingly a more fun topic to debate from a purely theortetical point of view. I think China is a solid topic, I think Military is an exceptional topic. However-has anybody considered that a large majority of these affs(I.e. the entire police part) would be discrete? What can the neg read against affs which are not publicly disclosed besides impact turns/generics K's/T? While this is awesome for the aff, it seems like what carlotti is talking about wouldn't occur, because, well, nobody would know. This topic would be huge. I think that would be cool, but at the same time, somewhat impossible to have generics for. The lit base is drastically different for each country/region, Japan vs. Kuwait, etc. While you might think that ground forces/us bases stuff can apply universally, the fact that we have like 3 people in Kuwait and the fact we help man the border in South Korea means they are entirely different situations. Big topics can be good, but is there enough consistency? Lastly, it seems like the advantages(without thinking very deeply) would not be intrinsic, and could be very easily counterplanned out of, i.e. we need to reduce military spending by removing troops here(a very prominent arg in the lit base I'm sure), CP to curtail military spending or something similar. CP we need to remove ground forces from x to move them to y, ground forces bad, CP to remove, etc.
  12. Is this the final team list? I.e., Westminster, Brophy, San Diguerto, Rowland-Hall AF, aren't attending?
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