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  1. I thought only Montana didn't let us go paperless.

  2. I see you driving

    Round town with the girl I love,

    And I'm like, haiku.

  3. Yeah, no worries.

    No. That isn't flowsheeting. Flowsheeting is when you use a new piece of paper for each argument. Like, you'll have a flow for the CP debate, one for P-tix, one for inherency, solvency, harms, etc. When I changed flowing tactics, I won a lot more rounds than I did by not flowsheeting.

  4. 1. Thanks for all your help 2. yeah it's the flow template right?

  5. You know how to flowsheet, right?

  6. Wait, you go to Nevada Union? The one in California? That means you know John Stuart!

  7. Kay cool. So. I concur with the above posts. However, if you aren't already flowsheeting, I would recommend that you do.
  8. Just wondering, how are you flowing? Are you flowsheeting or not? Also, are you allowed to debate paperless?
  9. Ha, I think it's funny that there are already conspiracy theories. It seems to me that Honolulu just... isn't that good at making things look official. I mean, I don't even have my father on mine, and my birth certificate wasn't recieved by the State for a good 9 days. Go figure.
  10. I have a Nietzsche K. Hit me up at bravette2012 [AT] gmail [DOT] com if you wanna talk about it.

  11. So I found this think like Apples to Apples, and you can make your own deck. But I need stuff to put in the nouns list, because the one they have is kinda... iffy. I'd also like it to be debate themed. I have stuff like topicality, disads, and stuff, but I'm too tired to think of anything else. Anyone have any input?
  12. Hello, former Montana debater! We don't see many others on this site, do we? My name is Bria, I debate for Flathead.

  13. Oh. My. God. You better have not been the last person to rep me T-T

  14. You're my favorite, I love baby sloths. Also, I would have posrepped you, but it said I couldn't.

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