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  1. why should the 1NR be allowed to read new impacts on disads? I see 3 reasons this is wrong, given that this is purely a defensive argument (not reject the team, only to reject the argument) 1. It's by definition against the rules, rebuttals are for rebutting right? just because it's in the block isn't a reason they should be allowed to read a new argument 2. Education - you can't get real education on an argument in three 5 minute speeches, and the 1AR will never have time to read new cards to answer the impacts effectively anyway, leaving them with only 2 real arguments against it, either impact defense or case o/w, both of which should already be in the debate 3. skews the fuck out of the 1AR the average 1NR can answer most arguments and read 2-3 new impact modules which means the 1AR effectively has to answer 2-3 new disads, seems like a giant time skew to me. Justify yourselves.
  2. Does anyone know the best way to answer the strata perm?
  3. TheF4LL3N


    I have a massive heg file. PM me if you wanna trade.
  4. I'm feeding the Troll. http://wiki.debatecoaches.org/2010-2011+%E2%80%94+Millard+South+(NE)+%E2%80%94+Tyler+Snelling+%26+Brian+Gonzaba
  5. Saw this and I think this is a good article to help understand Anti-Oedipus HERE
  6. Please?! you've got my email, I've got whatever.
  7. ....Never said I wanted the Evazon file, I wanted the one beastwick was trading.
  8. I know Beastwick has a file, If anyone else has a copy of this I'd love to trade for it
  9. I'm on word 2010, probably should've mentioned that in the original post,
  10. This is the Template I use, I've messed with a bunch of the macros, and changed a few things around, I've used the work of Aaron Hardy and Alex Gulakov, and take no credit for any of their work, this is my version adapted from their work. I'm actively working on making this as good as I possibly can, so if you have any suggestions or want to help me work on this or whatever, my email is Jayden.rasmussen@gmail.com Installation stuff 1) download the template from here 2) Close and save all word documents 3) Extract the Folder to (C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates) make sure and replace your name 4) open up word and make sure it works good, change your settings with the regular synergy stuff. EDIT** This is for Word 2010
  11. Does anyone have a Heidegger file on this years topic yet? I'm down to collobarate on this project as well. jayden.rasmussen@gmail.com
  12. you should just cut an article about Chernobyl, Like this maybe? http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/9604/26/chernobyl/230pm/index2.html I probably have more cards about what your talking about, if you wanna trade or whatever my email is Jayden.rasmussen@gmail.com
  13. Does anyone have the .doc version of this? It would benefit everyone.
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