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  1. I have the planet debate file which is 280 pages and a DDI file which is 320 both from 2009, not homecut but i can send them out. PM if you're interested.
  2. While I personally have chosen not to participate in this discussion to any extant other than commenting on the poor discourse I see (on VBD) the last venue remaining for discussing this issue is Cross-X, Lddebate.org and VBD have blocked posting privileges so I feel it is our duty to do our best to ensure that for those that want the discussion to continue moderate this thread to protect its integrity.
  3. Cherymenthol


    Awesome! In the mean time will files be able to be purchased through the same service as the thursday file?
  4. Cherymenthol


    Will Evazon ever be brought back to life?
  5. To be honest I am not sure what I am looking for, I am just wondering how the two would play together, Its a unique scenario, redistricting only happens every 10 years.
  6. If there is, does any know any "gerrymandering" impacts to politics?
  7. How would you construct a framework for a PIC that switches a word out of the resolution.
  8. What do you mean by determining a topic by its values? Also why do you want Animal Rights.
  9. The Bylaws for technology state: The only thing is there is only NDCA nats...
  10. Honestly.... Not really. The one problem would be the overabundance of literature on the topic. I have about 11 Ks from Human Rights alone. The topic is really good except it will most likely be Nationals so all my K work means nothing.
  11. Haha I remember posting an article o here about PMCs to use, not sure if your using it, but my mind instantly snapped back to the policy topic, so much transferable lit!
  12. Hey I finished the Shell would you like to give it a look over?

  13. I do disclose, after the topic, IMO its my work, I cut all my cards, write all my cases, why shouldn't other people have to. I am not opposed to it, it is educational, but really they're alternatives as well, asking for evidence in round, etc. Idk its my opinion and I am entitled to it.
  14. http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/supreme_court_upholds_law_banning_material_support_to_terrorist_organizatio/
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    You can also fiat that your plan will solve.
  16. This is what I am saying, I changed my approach, I realized the stupidity from before.
  17. I already wrote it, and some frontlines. Also I don't mean to be rude, but your insight into coercion is pretty flawed. Furthermore when you lose of disclosure theory its not cause you lost in your style its because you didn't buy into a scheme.
  18. Which is weighed first? And if its theory are there arguments to say Discursive Ks are weighed first, and vice-versa?
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    THE AMOUNT OF FAIL ON THIS THREAD..... she is Boxxy queen of /b/
  20. You bring up a valid point on intellectual coercion. In the status quo of pro-disclosure theory, its disclose or lose, this combined with a few generic arguments for theory bad creates, what could be a solid argument that neither side can disagree with, because regardless of the merits coercion is bad. (Maybe throw in Petro 74....). Also could the concept of intellectual coercion be expanded into a discursive coercion K? But also I think I've been handling it wrong, disclosure has benefits, but mandatory disclosure achieved through intellectual coercion kills all advantages.
  21. I was worried about that, but I think that it can be gotten around. would a plan along the lines of the USFG funding PSCs in Afghanistan teaching the police there be extratopical?
  22. Snarf, the fact is no one does, I am not the type of debater who whimsically reads theory like this just for the hell of it. I intend on reading it ONLY when I need to it, which is when someone runs the theory that if you didn't DISCLOSE OUT OF ROUND, you can't win. Which is literally a theory on practices out of the round. also all the things you talk about can be used as RESPONSES to Disclosure good.
  23. Maury and Kevinwy, with Camp starting I Don't have time to address you points. They are valid, and they are the criticism that I will hit so I say thank you for bring them up, hopefully after camp we can further this conversation.
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