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  1. "St. Marks GJ (Goetz and Jain) finals of Grapevine and Octas of Greenhill as juniors. They are both really good." Noah Goetz is a senior
  2. sems- lex VE vs. damien GF westminster AT vs gbn PP
  3. whats going on in octos?
  4. with that particular strategy i would have the 2nc be the da, cp, and 1/2 of case (depending how deep the case args are), the 1nr can be the other da or t + the rest of case- gives you multiple 2nr options, spreads out the 1ar, while allowing good, in depth analysis on each argument
  5. mccuedebate


    i had the same problem as this and I: 1. took out all of the files from the folder 2. deleted the folder 3. uninstalled synergy 4. reinstalled synergy 5. created a new folder 6. put the files back into it and was able to get it working again
  6. use the acronym STOP to answer counterplans- Solvency deficits Theory Offense Perm
  7. when you are reading make sure that your laptop doesnt block your projection to the judge
  8. Who's going? Pine Crest is sending the team of Michael McCue and Mark Bibas.
  9. http://www.amazon.com/Debate-Team-Michael-Miller/dp/B001MYQ430/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1283339524&sr=8-1
  10. http://www.cnn.com/2010/POLITICS/08/31/obama.oval.office.address/index.html?hpt=T1&iref=BN1
  11. also called line by line, another way you can do this is by saying "off their number one" it keeps the flows structured for your partner who is backflowing you, the judge, and the other team
  12. how do you add a template to synergy?
  13. at woodward I also heard that greenhill was sending people
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