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  1. Is it basically a ton of links then the normal impact then alt?
  2. Peripeteia

    Anthro K

    What do you mean by a link of omission?
  3. Peripeteia

    Anthro K

    Thank you very much Mr. almighty nathan debate
  4. Peripeteia

    Anthro K

    I've heard everyone has written on anthropocentrism, but can someone point me to some awesome authors?
  5. http://store.theonion.com/product/drugs-win-drug-war-1998,189/
  6. Template for Microsoft Word. Template for Excel for flowing rounds (that I'm not in). Also dropbox, just got a bit ago.
  7. If only, you know, that actually worked.
  8. Iron Chef (Japan) > Iron Chef (America) > Hell's Kitchen. Hell's Kitchen > Every other reality food show.
  9. Peripeteia

    Toy Story 3

    Meh. Pixar has way better animated movies - almost all of them are better, actually. EDIT: [Neg Rep] eat my asshole [Neg Rep] STFU Oh boo hoo fanboys. Pixar is easily the best animation studio out there, but Toy Story 3 wasn't as good as the other movies; though I do agree it's still one of the best animated movies ever (it's freaking Pixar), I'm sorry to have a differing opinion. The first 10 minutes were great, but it wasn't nearly as good as Wall-E or Toy Story 1 - not nearly as emotional or artistic. Fun sure, but still not as good.
  10. Oh hi again. Can I judge? Ts - Make the abuse story make sense/at least explain it, for the neg. For the aff, why there is no abuse. Pretty simple. I don't lean anywhere for anything, btw. CPs - Simple, have a net benefit that is likely to happen if I vote aff. I don't vote on .0001% chance of the NB happening, but anything decent should be fine, aff needs to prove why it won't happen, if they outweigh etc. Oh, of course it's a plus if it solves case, but I figure that's a given. Both of these are, actually, lol Ks - Love em, make them make sense is pretty much it. I hope you understand your own kritik, haha. DAs - The most basic things ever, just why the impact outweighs, why the DA links, simple. Don't have to explain these as much as kritiks, but if the warrants are in question then there you go. Theory - I don't default anywhere, once again just explain abuse for the neg and why there is no abuse for the aff. Basically, I don't give any judge intervention. When I say I love kritiks I just find them fun, haha. Anything else?
  11. Just wondering though, why would you do this instead of more, eh, specific stuff?
  12. PROBLEM. I use google news. I don't care where I get my news from, as long as I look at every story on it that's on google news. This test doesn't get any news that I don't type into my browser. Can I award myself with 50/50?
  13. Peripeteia


    You are correct. Dells suck.
  14. Whelp I should probably watch the video. Free speech and all that.
  15. Well if it's for LD than that's a different matter, I suppose - I was just referring to CX where I really doubt it matters at all, haha. Sorry otherwise.
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