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  1. Is it basically a ton of links then the normal impact then alt?
  2. Peripeteia

    Anthro K

    What do you mean by a link of omission?
  3. Peripeteia

    Anthro K

    Thank you very much Mr. almighty nathan debate
  4. Peripeteia

    Anthro K

    I've heard everyone has written on anthropocentrism, but can someone point me to some awesome authors?
  5. http://store.theonion.com/product/drugs-win-drug-war-1998,189/
  6. Template for Microsoft Word. Template for Excel for flowing rounds (that I'm not in). Also dropbox, just got a bit ago.
  7. If only, you know, that actually worked.
  8. Iron Chef (Japan) > Iron Chef (America) > Hell's Kitchen. Hell's Kitchen > Every other reality food show.
  9. Peripeteia

    Toy Story 3

    Meh. Pixar has way better animated movies - almost all of them are better, actually. EDIT: [Neg Rep] eat my asshole [Neg Rep] STFU Oh boo hoo fanboys. Pixar is easily the best animation studio out there, but Toy Story 3 wasn't as good as the other movies; though I do agree it's still one of the best animated movies ever (it's freaking Pixar), I'm sorry to have a differing opinion. The first 10 minutes were great, but it wasn't nearly as good as Wall-E or Toy Story 1 - not nearly as emotional or artistic. Fun sure, but still not as good.
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