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  1. Name: Tyler Brotton High School: Newton High School College: Sterling College Major: Communications/Theater Secondary Education. Debating: Parli
  2. I'm gonna be doing Parli (some people dont think its legit debate, but i count it) at Sterling College. Brandon Hoesli from Salina South is joining me there.
  3. My point exactly. It was too much trouble to be carrying around. Hence why my coach told us to leave it at Maize.
  4. We got too tired of carrying it to every tournament saying they were going to be there and not showing up that our coach said to just leave it at Maize and make it their problem now instead of ours.
  5. Oh, I thought you were talking about NFL since they were first or second alternate. You didn't specify which you were talking about so I didn't know.
  6. I don't believe that Buhler qualified. We were barely able to get to 3 qualifiers. There were so many fill ins that there is no way we would have gotten to 4 qualifiers.
  7. I can vouch for this Mr. Volen. We only have two fourth years on our team this year, myself and the other Tyler. We were both gone from Thursday through Sunday at a National Journalism Conference which means that we had a third year junior, three sophomore experienced debaters, and even a smart sophomore novice in tab at our tournament. The staff that we had did the best that we could and only making one minor mistake is good for a tab staff like that at a big tournament like Newton. And, the mistake could have been easily overlooked by any tab staff because it all came down to opp record or maybe even past that, stuff like this happens and the only thing we can do is forgive and forget. Michael doesn't know how hard it is to tab due to the fact that they never host a tournament because their school doesn't have the most support in the debate team and their school is rather small.
  8. Don't worry Michael I'll give it back quickly.
  9. I'm going to take a shot in the dark on this one, but I'm going to safely assume it belongs to Ciera Foreman and Reid Waldman.
  10. There was an expando full of really great evidence left at the Newton debate tournament. We are pretty sure that it is from Blue Valley North, but it might not be. The expando is all K stuff. If it is yours then you can claim it by sending me a message on facebook. You will have to tell me what specifically is in there before we return it. We can return it at the T-High tournament this weekend or at Maize in December, if this doesn't work out then we can work something out on facebook. Failure to claim this great expando will result in the Newton debate squad keeping it and using it for their own personal use. Thanks! ~Tyler Brotton
  11. It seems to me that we have gotten off topic, but I would love to hear it as I was absent from our tournament at a National Journalism Conference. Also, I would love it if national circuit lurkers from other schools could give their input regarding this matter. For example: how it has effected the debating done by them and what they have witnessed from disclosing. Thanks! EDIT: You posted too fast lol.
  12. Well considering you posted like four affs there, when most people don't really post stuff, you would get the award.
  13. Um... That would be you Michael. And that wouldn't increase postings on the caselist because an award like that isn't really worth anything. Sorry...
  14. Garden City Kapaun Mt. Carmel Wichita East Maize Coffeyville-Field Kindley Silver Lake Fort Scott Topeka Manhattan Campus Blue Valley West Washburn Rural Hutchinson McPherson Salina South Halstead Goddard Blue Valley North Derby Salina Central Rose Hill Wichita Collegiate Seaman Buhler Blue Valley Southwest Blue Valley Northwest Entries not finalized, wait til tournament to receive those. 16 DCI bids will be awarded, breaking to quarters.
  15. There will be a multitude of varsity judges, I don't know how many, but hopefully 25 per round. For sure, the better you do, the better judges you get. Right now 51 varsity 37 open. We are breaking to quarter finals, and giving 9-16 place teams bids.
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