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  1. ^what the fuck just happened
  2. Defcon nailed it. Where do 'you' reside? in the will or the fleshy body? Thats the real q.
  3. Chez-Out


    Slaves could run away from slavery, so slavery was just, right?....right?...
  4. , http://www.larktheatre.org/lets-not-use-the-word-mexico-by-maria-alexandria-beech
  5. Hey, might be a bump but since I'm such a hack for OOO.... Levi Bryant's Democracy of Objects, check out the Ontic principle.
  6. The flipside of being productive and imaginative, is that someday we are gonna have to find a use for all these bombs we keep building.
  7. There are specific "cyncicism bad" esque arguements for different K varieties. That is really Gibson-Graham's arguement in The end of capitalism. http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/11/17/how-to-live-without-irony/
  8. Does anyone have a recording of the round?
  9. What is your alternative means that we use when someone uses racist and sexist language? Should I just sit there quietly while my friend is making racist remarks? What is the line between public/private in the context of a debate space? I don't think this card is very good because its fundamental claim is that it is intolerant to rebuke or speak up against ignorance.
  10. People, its just Object-Oriented-Ontology/Speculative Realism + Levinass.
  11. Yes, lots of great debaters began their careers in college
  12. How did this happen?.....
  13. Broken window fallacy does not require that someone intentionally did something.
  14. Cuba would allow for the more interesting debates/a variety of policy and critical argeuments.
  15. http://cedadebate.org/pipermail/mailman/2008-April/073988.html
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