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  1. Red Spy

    Foocoal Critique

    Hi guys, I heard about this argument called the "Foocoal" critique. Can anyone explain to me what it is?
  2. Red Spy

    League of Legends

    bumping this because i am diamond 1
  3. Red Spy

    File Snatching

    Why not use paper like everyone pre-2011?
  4. Red Spy


    I logged in to post this: lol
  5. Red Spy

    Checking in from Wisconsin

    Scot Waker es #1
  6. Red Spy

    Debate Computer

    The key to a debate laptop is the ability to play Starcraft 2. It seems trivial, but believe me, it's essential. Specwise, this would mean something like an Intel i5 processor
  7. Red Spy

    What Is This "warn Status" Bar?

    And why is it empty for me?
  8. Red Spy

    Official Thread: Conditionality

    Just to put the nail in the coffin, say condo was dropped and is not an issue, don't let them go for it. Takes about 5 seconds to say and prevents a world of bullshit from happening
  9. Red Spy

    Can we just declare it?

    You can thank me for getting you banned
  10. Red Spy


    just read aspec answers and laugh unless its ospec, then ur fucked
  11. Red Spy

    RVI's on RVI's

  12. Red Spy

    Debate phrases

    Silence is compliance -me on a hidden voter
  13. Red Spy

    Dragonballz Z affirmative

    Dragonballs solve for all impacts- You can wish for them to be reversed/never happen
  14. Red Spy

    Worst thing you've ever seen done in a round

    I remember when my partner went for XO instead of nuclear malthus