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  1. WKenney


    For the record smetk is neither Mark nor I so please don't take their posts as such. My guess is it's one of our hilarious sophomores.
  2. Best all around team (speed and open styles): Bernard/Gress Best Squad: SME like herp derp duh Coach of the year: Twitt Best speed-style team: Carey/Hill Best lay team: Bernard/Gress (thank god I never hit them on lay) Best Affirmative Team: Can't think of one, probably Sherpas. Maybe T High? Best Negative Team: Waldman/Foreman. Word PICS FTW. Prettiest Speaker: Sam Nichols (ruefully) Fastest Debater: Michael Hill (keeping your little brothers up by doing drills at 2 AM in your room probably helps) Best 1A: Anyone with a pocket constitution. Best 2A: Sam Nichols, seducing moms and college children alike. Best 1N: Michael, roflstomping nubs with Schmitt. Let Chris do T. Best 2N: Richie, if we weren't running a ridiculous K aff that round he would have slapped us on politics. Most likely to do well next year in high school: McKissick-Hawley/Kennedy (Finals at KCKCC and nearly qualifying at NFL) Person most likely to graduate and judge: Ciera, I can already hear the 30 minute RFD's Best Judge: That one guy at DCI that made up an econ scenario for the neg that isn't affected by the impact turn >.> Most under-rated team: PBautz/Jarps. They looked great. Best K debater: No one, nobody understands them Best Politics Debater: Richie (Tax Cuts got cockblocked, unfortunate) Most likely to be NDT champion: Best way to carry tubs: Sherpas. Best place to eat at the tournament: Wherever Witt decides sucks the most Nicest debater to chat with outside of rounds: Myself, I'm insane Best bathrooms to change back to street clothes in: I don't do this, does anyone do this? Best transportation to the tournament: Sherpas. Best storage for evidence: Sherpas. Best evidence: Sherpas. Best argument: Security K, timeless and terrible. Best aff: COIN before people figured out it sucked. Best excuse for losing a round: Listening to Mark and not going for the K. Best pen: Sherpas bones whittled into a writing utensil and dipped in blood. Best medium for flowing: Sherpas' backs/Yeti Skin Best tournament for between-rounds hanging out: None, I hide in the bathrooms.
  3. But but but... you gave the bear metaphor and then almost explicitly said "I be a troll." But it's ok, it seems your post went unanswered anyway.
  4. ok, so the first thing he does is admit he's a troll...
  5. I feel Ciera and Pj have pointed out a sufficient number of reasons why disclosure is generally a good thing but I felt it necessary to address this. I do agree that secrecy can certainly be a helpful part of any strategy, but no team's strategy should be secrecy for a few reasons. 1) It doesn't work all that well after a few tournaments, people will catch on eventually. 2) Banking every win off of a surprised 1N of T and some generic politics doesn't give anyone a good round, or a legitimate win (that second part is a matter of opinion). 3) You don't learn anything because you never engage your case, everything is about generic off-case that everyone bummed off of openev. Also, have you looked at national and/or college circuits and the way their disclosure functions? Secrecy becomes even more valuable in those situations, so even if you rely one hundred percent on secrecy, with a caselist you are not completely out of the game, you just need to cut a new aff every tournament. And no one in the college, national, or Kansas circuits posts their affs before they break them. I think you misunderstand the function of a caselist. Once someone breaks an aff, aka reveals it they then post it on the wiki, thus maintaining the viability and valuability of secrecy (is valuability a word?). At the end of the day though, relying on secrecy is generally bad for debate, get a good case and learn it, pwn people because you can outdebate them and you know your case better, don't win because their campfiles don't have your case neg.
  6. WKenney


    About 90% of Kansas teams are banking on the fact that the other team has no clue what the 1AC's about to spawn. Be it a dank Japan aff or a load of lol no one knows and no one wants you to know.
  7. Oddly enough, it characterizes Corporate DB8er's side of the debate quite well. Almost ironic.
  8. WKenney


    I feel it's a bite too late in the season to justify creating a new one, I'll definitely take up responsibility for making and maintaining one next year though.
  9. WKenney


    Bit of a latecomer but is there an official case-list this year? If so, linkz?
  10. Chris Carey. You dog.

  11. Thank you for keeping us on target. One idea is to simply shift or just allow a shift of school funds to help cover computer costs in lieu of paper. This, at first at least, would be on a team to team basis. Also, State is paper only. KSHSAA mandates it. Therefore any teams who would be potentially interested in paperless would have to print everything they needed for a single tournament at the very end of the year. ^ fully agree. I like to think that if we found some middle ground between an inclusion of paperless and what we call a "traditionalist" take on how Kansas debate should be, eventually those coaches who dislike paperless (whether for "old school" reasons or otherwise) will see it in practice for themselves. I think that they would see that it would be an asset to the Kansas circuit. Look at Washington. They successfully included paperless state-wide by limiting what teams could use their laptops for at first to flowing and speech writing. From what I've heard it has been extremely successful and now laptops are a major part of their circuit.
  12. I can understand the judgmental alienation that parents get when they see really cocky high schoolers walking in flashing their laptops, but when the rest of the country is saving money, time, and becoming better overall, I think its time to change. I do think that Varsity first would be an amazing way to phase them in, even if its only at four or five tournaments that offer such a division. Eventually, I think that coaches would come to terms with them. In terms of smaller v. larger schools being able to compete, laptops are a single purchase of a couple hundred dollars. Say you have a max of five to six teams that actually want to use them its nothing compared to three things: 10k dollar copier, toner costs, paper costs. And those don't go away. Also keep in mind that a lot of High-schoolers have personal laptops they can use. For example I borrow my parents laptops for camp, I might eventually get ahold of one but for now a car is my priority. Finally, laptop hazards are on par with dropping an expando mid-round and all of your evidence mixing in a slap chop. Repair costs can be covered by team sponsored insurance, I think there are discounts for schools/students in that regard. Overall you are right, its the fact that traditional coaches just don't want to progress so they continue to recruit great-grandparents as judges in varsity to preempt it.
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