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  1. Hey does anyone have any Okinawa evidence? Willing to trade..
  2. I require a card that essentially says withdrawing troops from one region, or military presence, shatters a security mindset or is significant of withdrawal from a militarist mind set. Halp?
  3. The capitalism K finds a nest in each years res. However, it'd be fairly easy to answer this year. One pretty general answer is that war is the ultimate manifestation of cap - so any decrease in troops is essentially a withdrawal from the ideology of capitalism.
  4. Also reject team and argument.
  5. Stock Issues Are Like Eggs, Once You Drop Them You Can't Pick Them Up. Derp.
  6. Over-annunciate the words and open your mouth real wide as you say them Speed cereal-boxes. Reading the ingredients as fast as possible helps. Pen-in-mouth. Try speeding backwards. Insert words such as moist, a, o, asparagus, colonel, etc in between each word. Tongue Twisters. Power-Stance. Put your one leg slightly forward past the other, have a good posture, and lean your body slightly forward. (Or when sitting don't lean forward.) Good breathing.
  7. If you leave me a visitor message I will kill you.

  8. Personally, I believe it is too much judge intervention; but the other side of me insists that it is partially fair to the other team. If the other team doesn't give a logical reason why it is untrue or call it out...I think that's their fault, they could've won the round right there but didn't.
  9. First, just because you are winning Condo bad doesn't mean you should spend 5 minutes on it. Next, there are multiple ways to 'go-all-out' on conditionality.. Dispo. really solves for offense and is a lot more fair..(explain how dispo is fairer) They could kick at any moment, destroys competitive equity. Etc. Just get meta with it, and go through and really provide some clash by elaborating how your points out-weigh. You rarely see any good condo debates because it gets muddled and lacks clash. Hardly ever do high-school condo debates ever weigh the points.
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