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  1. What else did you think ICE-breakers did?
  2. Mobile transportation infrastructure
  3. Unless the USCG is the actor there isn't a link to this position since otherwise we'd deficit spend to do the plan. There's the potential for a human capital link, but if the aff fiats that part of their investment is for operational costs this link no longer works. Also the USCG isn't holding up the ATS in the squo. Sweden was helping out in that region with the ODEN, but they pulled that out about a year ago. More Icebreakers operated by the USCG are basically the only way to access McMurdo and maintain science operations in the Antarctic. Finally, there's no way you can get an Antarctic warfare scenario. If you find a way to get to an ATS impact Science Diplomacy is a better bet. Hope this helps!
  4. Caps is capitalized because it's a header and PIC is an acronym. Neither is capitalized solely because it's a proper noun.
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/?tjfzmnyzt0z The word count should be within parameters. Tell me if you want a count.
  6. 5. Do you use fiat? Dood, whats fiat yo?? Fiat, latin for let it be. Do you assume that your plan passes? (I assume yes since you spec XO)
  7. Alright. Cool. Judges thus far: DML Kyle Y firewater mdawgig liampirate I think we have enough.
  8. Sure.... I can't believe that I'm okaying Hadoken.... fml I. How are we silent to the Native Americans? The 1ac priority is to decrease nazi participation in DEBAIT. We say that unless the first priority is giving back native land, nothing will ever get done and that giving the land back is the most important act and that it supersedes any other claims. II. What's a feminazi? A person with nazi-like tendencies about enforcing feminism. III. Are they coooooool? My coach is pretty cool, I guess. Unless you have to ride in a van with her. She turns the heat ALL the way up and puts the window lock on. IV. Do they do policy debate? My coach debated in high school, so I guess. V.Doood! Did you read the IAC? Yah man. VI. Why am I not the WGLF? How do you know I'm not? You're not the WGLF because you don't go to West Georgia. I know that you're not because I'm your friend on facebook and it says you go to school in california. How do you know that's not a different Keenan Harris? I'm fairly certain I'm in the WGLF. VII. Who's Heisenbern? Mis-spelling of your name. Did you purposely misspell it? VIII. What are you thinking about right now? I hope it doesn't rain tonight. IX. Hoooooow dare you call my aff shit!?!? I didn't. X. Dooood! Why'd you read schop and a death impact you dumbass?!?! I can haz straight turnz? O no! I just like schop! XI. What are you wearing? A towel, because I'm about to get in the shower. XII. How many A's did you type in teh plan flaw? One, I just held it down. XIII. Have you ever played a saxophone? Yup. XIV. What quote happened first? "I'm a feminazi." or "I play the sax."? Sax. XV. Who the hell is Liam Donnelly? A pretty cool dood. Cool.
  9. You're fine. I guess that we'll be having 5 judges because DML's also going to judge.
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