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  1. It was amazing to see Kansas dominate at CFL in tons of different events. I personally attribute my success at this tournament to everyone who helped us when they could. BVW BS, SME CH, Mr. Thompson, and Katelin Morey were either giving us cards, highlighting cards, or coming up with strategies that allowed us to advance further in the tournament. Seeing the community come together was inspirational and I really hate to leave a lot of these people. I hope that we can continue this to NFL.
  2. Can Scott Elliot cut cards for me before every round?
  3. Hutch will not be going in policy, making it drop down to a team from Campus. I don't know their names.
  4. KananBoor

    Future Debate Plans

    I'll be at Baylor
  5. KananBoor

    Kckcc Warm-Up

    From my experience, the judges are all very qualified and will vote on pretty much anything. You are able to read your normal policy type arguments, or go with the K.
  6. KananBoor

    Kckcc Warm-Up

    Chief told me to let everyone know that the tournament this year will be take place during the 2nd weekend of May.
  7. I just got a Mac and I am struggling with getting the Whitman template to work. First, even when I open the template the macros won't work. I can see them at the top and clicking on them will change the text accordingly, but clicking keys like F7 don't change anything. Second, when I save the document it deletes all of the macros, preventing me from following the next step in the explanation that is provided on the website. I am really bad with computers, so please make your explanations very detailed.
  8. Best: SBSP, space mil, and moon base Worst: Look at plants on the ISS, ChipSats, draw black circles, and colonize the ocean.
  9. I've noticed he hasn't posted any videos this year. Do you have any idea why?
  10. He is some kid from my squad. He has no idea about what is "allowed in KC." Disregard his post. Zach, go work on LD
  11. KananBoor

    Kshaa Rules

    What restrictions does KSHAA have against debating with someone from another school? I know that it was not possible at the Baylor Round Robin, but is it legal at a pre-approved tournament?
  12. I'm not sure if anyone who has posted in this thread attended the 2 week, so I thought I would add something. I attended the 2 week camp and it was instrumental to my debate career. I can't speak for the 3 or 4 week lab leaders, but my lab leaders (Gabe Murillo, Mary Gregg, and Nick Watts) were extremely helpful. They really focused on skills work and becoming a better speaker rather than cutting cards, which I found extremely helpful. The lectures, practice rounds, 1 on 1 attention, and talent of the lab leaders make this debate camp one of the best. I understand that the JDI is expensive, but if you are considering a debate camp and it is affordable, I don't think there is a better option.
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