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  1. Sounded more like cowardice. Defend your honor! We both read poems, that was a fun round.
  2. CPS GY droped to ICW DH in the final round. ICW's aff was iss lab utilization; 2NR went for inherency.
  3. I'll be in the survivors lab. Who else is doing survivors? I need to find a partner since mine wont be attending.
  4. I plan on going, but I might not if my partner cannot go. It's all kind of up in the air right now for myself.
  5. From what I've heard of the Pathos of Truth 1NC begins with Nietzsche's essay: "On truth and lies in a non-moral sense" which can be found here.
  6. jbockmon

    2 Counterplans?

    You don't like pictures, ehh?
  7. jbockmon

    2 Counterplans?

  8. jbockmon

    2 Counterplans?

    Yeah i guess i wasn't clear, internal net benefits are reasons why the CP itself generates competition
  9. jbockmon

    2 Counterplans?

    To win a CP you need to prove that it is net beneficial either internally or externally. Internal net benefits are reasons the CP solves the aff harms better. External net benefits are more commonly argued, such as a politics da or some other argument that the CP doesn't link to. The net benefits are answers to the perm, it proves why alone the CP solves better than the aff, or any instance of the aff along with the CP. Reading defense on the aff harms can be a net benefit, but only if you have a reason why CP solvency does not apply to your adv defense. Any good affirmative will use the advantages you don't solve for as solvency deficits/ disads to the CP, so it is important to turn the advantages your not solving for in order to win a CP.
  10. Completely retarded! How can we ever find any educational substance unless we discuss the end of humanity endlessly?!?! But seriously, fractions of speaker points?..... smh.
  11. jbockmon


    Not having cigarettes before drills helps too.
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