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    Dng K

    The characterizations of the aff that was read at Lexington by the original poster, and others, (a new aff, different from the one ran at UT) that are present on this thread are largely incorrect. As the assistant coach (I'm the only one from the school -- John Cook from Baylor is their personal coach--) I truthfully cannot disclose information about the aff because of a school policy that discourages disclosure of any form. I and the debaters at Taylor understand that our disclosure policies make some in the community upset, but it is something that we can't honestly avoid. Taylor DH went 4-2 at Lex, cleared and downed in Double Octas on a 2-1 (Eric Emerson from Kinkaid sat).
  2. choopa


    http://www.cross-x.com/topic/51043-how-do-i-apply-for-authorship/ After you are actually cleared by Ross (or whichever admin you PM) to be an Evazon author, you gain permission to upload files - if you have already been cleared and cannot upload files, you probably should PM whoever you messaged originally again.
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    "The" PIC


    It's the argument you know and love - "The" PIC. This 30 page file has the 1NC, all link, impact, solvency and AT cards already pre-highlighted - this file is round ready. It includes a 2NC/1NR overview and a Theory Section. It's a classic and totally worth the investment. “The†PIC Table of Contents “The†PIC 1NC 3 2NC/1NR Overview 4 ***LINKS 5 Discourse - Gikanda 6 Generic Extensions - Gogwilt 8 Generic Extensions - Shapiro 9 Threat Construction – Shapiro 10 Moral Obligation/Ethics - Shapiro 11 ***IMPACTS 11 WAR! Impact 12 Homogenization Impact [1/2] 13 Homogenization Impact [2/2] 14 Capitalism Impact 15 Borders/State warfare Impact [1/2] 16 Borders/State warfare Impact [2/2] 17 ***SOLVENCY 18 Generic Solvency [1/3] 19 Generic Solvency [2/3] 20 Generic Solvency [3/3] 21 Discourse Key 22 ***THEORY 22 Severance Bad Theory 23 Conditionality Good Theory 24 Textual Competition Good Theory 25 ***ANSWER TO SECTION 26 AT: Realism [1/2] 27 AT: Realism [2/2] 28 AT: State Good 29 AT: Permutation 30

    6.00 USD

  4. Yes, his performance was amazing, I've never seen anyone ask for so many concessions and have them granted before - No I'm serious, that actually happened - ask Anthony B, I'm sure as one of Jalon's 'coaches' he could explain what happened with that. erryday
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    Evazon Error Message

    It's working for me now; thanks - nice new layout, i like the look
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    evazon problems

    Yeahhh same problem - no clue - i started a thread about this in the evazon section EDIT: bah you already posted there, now my post is irrelevant.
  7. The bad thing about Repbulicans this year is that the majority of them that are getting media attention are... well, sort of far out there - Trump, Bachmann, Palin, etc - which doesn't do anything for ... well, you know - actual candidates. I think if the Republicans want Any kind of shot of getting anywhere close to almost coming close to taking the white house they just need to nominate Mitt Romney. He is the most centrist (and we all know he will move even closer to the center come time for the National Election) out of his breed in my opinion and has the best chance of winning a national election if given the chance. That being said I'm a liberal, and wouldn't mind having Palin, Trump or Bachmann to be the republican nominee because that just means a very easy campaign season for me. Just my point of view.
  8. they definitely did not let them all in - a lot of people were left on the wait list, along with my teammate. Jalon is 2-0 as of right now though (including a bye).
  9. For some reason whenever I click on the Evazon link, i get this error, "[#10865] Sorry, but you do not have access to any of the functions in our Download Manager " - I can't gain access to anything Evazon related. Sad Shabbro is sad.
  10. This year its in Dallas - not really sure about what schools will be hosting, but it will be from June 13-18th.
  11. Hi, it's Leo lol. Vijay told me I should add you :P

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