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  1. delete your 3 posts on the TFA thread

  2. lulululululul


    successful troll is successful.

  3. lulul


    successful troll is successful



  4. I'll trade my Bob the Builder aff for the Gregorian Calendar K
  5. what do you guys prefer???? laptop or paper (flowing)?!?!?
  6. kelvin7vk


    flow on laptop or hand? what do you guys think is better?
  7. kelvin7vk

    deer park 09

    how do you know?
  8. kelvin7vk

    deer park 09

    guys, let's just relax. the past is the past..
  9. kelvin7vk

    deer park 09

    Why did you say in "all fairness to yau"? I'm yau, steveo is not yau.
  10. it's when a school auctions off one of their minority debaters. The strongest, and fittest debater that is auctioned off gets a "bid". They can use that bid to take the ship back to their respective country, I'm glad I could help.
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