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  1. Kevin and Misaels win is definitely amazing and a great opportunity for progress- We are all so proud guys terrific job Aaron Davis
  2. My name is Aaron Davis, I am 1/2 of the first UDL team to ever qualify and attend the TOC in 2005 when i debated at Morgan Park, and until yesterday my partner and I had the greatest success of a UDL school at nationals after being eliminated in either round 12 or 13 after defeating GBN zierring and ROsecrans who are arguably the most successful debate team in recent history. In addition, I have coached 2 other UDL teams to the TOC in 2007 and 2009 when working at PAYton college Prep. That being said this conversation is extremely disturbing Fact - SOme metrics of evaluation in policy debate relegate the under privileged to positions of marginality in this activity. FUnding is intrinsically linked to probability of success as the mere ability to travel to tournaments increases the likelihood of receiving abid- when i debated we received 2 bids but only debated at 3 qualifying tournaments because thats all we could afford- so the pressure and stress was completely different then. OUtside funding and other sources have mitigated a lot of those concerns now but lack of ecomic resouirce still poses significant obstacles for programs that dont have bigger budgets. Additionally, the elevated focus on research has taken a completely different toll. Dont take this the wrong way, research is educational, and good evidence is essential, but i have seen recent teams whose performance in rounds are less than amazing but they continously defeat schools who perform much better from both an analytical and methodological standpoint and stll lose because their programs cannot afford to higher millions of coaches or employ several alumni to produce the politics card from today. Additionally, the hegemonic prioritization of particular styles of argumentation have locked this activity from non-traditional programs for years. We are quick to criticize the anit national circuit crowd for being separatist, but that sentiment spawns out of an outright denialism of the prejudice traditiona circuit debate has for alternative pedagogical practices, namely project teams.l It amazes how many judges insert their own biases for fiat and theory into debate rounds and allow completely unprepared teams to humiliate some of the best project oriented teams in the country simply because they can and the academies behavior has supported it;. That being said, i dont think its right to simply blame debate itself as being intrinsically separatist, but rather isolate the people, behaviors and practices that have allowed it to become shaped this way, When i debated, my partner and I had no coaches but we succeeded by selected a few solid arguments and preparing them very well round after round. We were to afraid to try anything like a project which in 2005 only KCC was doing namely because at the time we were the only four black kids debating at this level other then sean from green hill and matt from mba, and both of them didnnt have black partners, so to two all black teams were always confused with each other. We were so scared of all the hatred and dissonance we saw them experience so we made sure we could be different by being the assimilated black debaters often reading 7 off in the 1nc and a 6 advantage aff. I use this to illustrate that the climate now is different. There are much more minorities debating now and succeeding at higher levels of debate with a multitude of strategies, but that doesnt mean the work is done. Rather than fighting each other through Cx we should start a coalition to examine some of the real concerns non traditional programs have about national circuity debate. We should begin probes into judge philosopy , toc level debate expectation, funding, diversity in the activity, and determine if the intersection of these things really make it the elitist activity many claim it to be.l I chimed in because so many of you are making commentary on an experience that none of you have actually gone through. Being someone from a UDL that has successfully infiltrated the TOC arena and arguably help pave the way for many of the others after me, i figured my voice was needed here. Good luck to all
  3. Whose going? Any early thoughts on the field and which schools will end on top?
  4. Northside is sending 2 teams Tom/Mitchell Norman/Adira
  5. jayejayefab


    WHose going? Anyone have a team list?
  6. Another RCC/National Circuit tournament is upon us this weekend, whose going?
  7. Is there a case list any of the HF debaters of Josh can upload?
  8. Whose going? Does anyone have a team list?
  9. Congrats to WY well deserved! Also congrats to Lane Tech for almost getting a bid as well, very impressive guys! Does anyone know what Lane ran at this tourney on the aff? Thanks
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