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  1. Being reasonable, I do not think it is insult to say the strategy was not strong. However, people should remember the tournament. You can win on a single Solvency take out. You can win if there is an alternative, which is not the affirmative, but it isn't called a "counterplan." You can however say things with more tact. Why not say, I did not understand the strategic value of the 2nr? Same point, no insulting language.
  2. We continue with things, such as the Urban Debate Leage, to bring debate to urban and underfunded areas. Just as many schools do not have the best teachers, computers, or other learning technologies, the disparity should be addressed in a different way. American culture, and the way in which we deal with schools based on criteria such as property taxes, are the real cause of these "injustices." Your position is compassionate, and may be true. However, to take away something from the "privileged" parties only reduces the activity and doesn't address the problem. I attended GBN. My single mother fought to keep me in the district working two jobs. Yes, I was fortunate. If I had not traveled and had the opportunity afforded to me, I would have never coached WY. It seems as if you have a larger problem with the income distribution in society. I won't take a position on that in this forum. However, I believe that your attacks on the NFL's and elite schools are misguided. Why not take away the tennis program, football program, new computers, etc.? There is tennis camp, baseball camp, golf camp, math academy..... All of these things require extra resources. The activity itself, even with the advantages given to wealthier communities has inherent value. Many of these students are compassionate and go on to do great things for all communities.
  3. As the coach of WY, I just want to add that our school traveled on donations this year. We would not have traveled at all, if not for donations from private parties. Additionally, to remain competitive, my kids and volunteer coaching staff worked a ridiculous amount. Thanks for everyone's support. Drew
  4. I have looked at many templates and this is by far, one of the best.
  5. WY defeats SPC on a 2-1 decision. Congrats to all.
  6. WY vs Wayzata in semis SPC vs EP in semis
  7. Whitney Young is looking for policy debate judges. We have an immediate need for October 2 & 3 for Morgan Park in Chicago, and for October 9 and 10 at NT. We would like to develop a pool of judges we can contact for multiple tournaments throughout the year. Please contact me to get on our judge list, and let me know your availability for the upcoming tournaments. You can reach me at drew.nishioka@gmail.com Thanks!
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