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  1. Good points, I'll try rewriting the text to allow better ground but preserve the plan. Thanks for the help Nathan. Quick question, I don't plan on generating any solvency off of the aircraft carriers, so what's the case for abuse? And would you think just cutting it out would be sufficient?
  2. These words also were uttered by an imaginary Morgan Freeman when I saw your post
  3. You must spread Reputation around before giving it to Ankur again.
  4. I'll help cut this. We could start a lab if you'd like
  5. I just found my new aff for next year. I'll do this for the S&G at multiple tournaments next year
  6. GI Joe/Army of Two/TF141 Aff Resolved: The United States should substantially reduce its military presence, excluding special operation forces in Japan and Turkey using CVN class aircraft carriers. It's different, stops perception based hate projected on US forces that make peace impossible(the spec ops operate without civilians knowing), smaller forces means less causalities, highly trained forces means support of other nation's security is there if needed, and possibly a stop terror advantage add-on if the lit is there. Keep those XT blocks handy.
  7. eBro

    Cap Narrative

    I have a few, PM me
  8. I will when I have time to write the counter novel. And I acknowledge the ass-kicking On a side note: What a try hard...
  9. I have a feeling Dudley isn't my biggest fan
  10. finish the vdebate

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