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  1. turtlefarm

    Uil State

    Forgot about that, sorry. I do remember that the team refused to debate us in finals, so we got first place. Still, 12 or 15 to 1 is pretty good. Good luck.
  2. Sorry, I didn't know it was a rhetorical question.
  3. It's cooled by anxiety of policy debaters.
  4. Nuclear-powered lighthouses are critical to the aff, just look at the plantext. If you have a problem with someone telling you what their aff is well ahead of time because they want to debate people on the merits of their aff rather than generic debates that happen every round, then more power to you. I don't care what you, Steven, Chris, Andrew, and Colin think unless your opinion comes out in a debate against me. When people just think of one thing, like "Avatar" they think, "Oh yeah, we just go to Pandora and colonize it, steal resources." without thinking on their own about what that means, much less what the real message was (the exact opposite.) Think about nuclear-powered lighthouses and predict what the argument I'll be making about them is, and why we should build them. I may have not considered one standpoint on it, and if a team is passionate about that and beat the substance of the aff, then it's worth it. It's not meant to be necessarily in my interest to do this, but in the interest of good debate.
  5. Read through my aff from last year and you'll see why. (Since that is kind of the theses of the aff, that we should NOT go to Pandora.)
  6. Hey, we're giving everyone a head start for prepping out our aff that we'll be breaking at the first tourney we go to next year. It'll be about nuclear powered lighthouses, and the tentative plantext is: "The United States federal government should invest in and deploy a comprehensive nuclear-powered lighthouse program along the United States." I'll trust that four months is enough to prepare something other than politics and topicality. Please actually respond to the merits of our aff this year if you hit us, it'll make it a lot more fun for everyone involved. -Westlake 2012-2013
  7. You should read cap. They change how they read the aff every round, but it always links to cap (orthodox marxism, specifically.) And DnG, they probably link to that, too.
  8. 1 & 2 contradict each other.
  9. tl;dr You build it down from space. The vast majority of it is in space. Like 100,000km of it. If you would read the stuff by Edwards about how to build the space elevator then you would understand all of this. He's got this all figured out.
  10. 1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_reclamation 2. It doesn't have to be on land, it can just hang down from space on a platform over the ocean. 3. It doesn't have to be on the equator.
  11. Umm... the space elevator is built from space and goes down to the equator (or anywhere, it'd just be easiest on the equator.) Other thoughts: CARBON NANOTUBES! Bradley C. Edwards Enjoy.
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