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  1. My name is Nick Neuteufel and I want to help your team win. I have a part-time DCCC internship this summer, and I am going to be a freshman at UNC this fall. I debated at duPont Manual Magnet HS for four years, breaking at multiple national tournaments--without either a debate coach (for all four years) or administrative support. I will not be debating in college; I'm going to miss it terribly. To remedy this, I would love to take on a part-time card-cutting job. I will work for any time commitment or period (just this summer, either/both semesters, TOC) and I have no real team allegiances (GREENHILL!)*. I specialize in K cards and politics. If you want me to beef up a file or spend a week going line-by-line and card-by-card on your rival's wiki to make an amazing case neg, I can do it. Pay is negotiable, just contact me: nneuteufel@gmail.com for questions, requests, or comments. Thank you for your time and consideration! *This is a joke.
  2. We hit St. John's CC that round, not Howard AR because of some messup in the tab room. St. John's told us that Bauschard told them they were debating us.
  3. 1. Get an idea 2. Find uniqueness 3. Get links going the same way 4. Copy/paste and/or find impacts 5. Get extensions of 2-4/blocks 6. PROFIT.
  4. 1-off T or T and Adv CPs and PTX
  5. USN JR (actually DR) (aff) v. GDS LK (neg) GDS Wins 3-0
  6. You should have more than warranted analytics to go for T; you should quantify abuse/limits through cards.
  7. Please run TNWs and hit me. I would LOVE it. As Jonathan Paul has been quoted by my partner: "Yeah, TNWs is a good aff. If you don't want to solve advantages." Inevitably can only help - terminally non-unique. TNWs has no Obama Good link turns can match the link And hell yes WTH? and see above
  8. All the reasons NATO are good are imperial: peace-keeping, stability, democratization, et al are all imperial actions. It's easy to win NATO bad with imperialism arguments
  9. Neither of them. Drones is untopical and TNWs is a terrible aff. http://www.channels.com/episodes/show/10469612/Turkey-Lecture-Kevin-Kallmeyer-Pt-2
  10. there was... I need your email, because I used some file that was another team on accident.
  11. The better question is: Who will win the PUPPY BOWL?? My bet: the 2A Terriers
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