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  1. I am looking to judge/coach at this years Harvard tournament. Experience: Bishop Loughlin, 4 Years (Local/National) UMKC, 4 Years (District/National) Doubles, TX Swing 2k13 Doubles, UMKC 2k13 Octos, Kentucky 2k13 Doubles, Wake 2k13 Willing to coach/cut cards as well. Fairly versatile debater. Comfortable with traditional policy, critical theory, and "non-traditional" praxis (deploying and answering the arg) Please email me as soon as possible to negotiate travel and payment. I might also be available for the TOC. Thanks, Jide Jide134@gmail.com (516) 708-6295
  2. For judges: Name and location: Babajide (Jide) Ajisafe, Missouri/NY Contact information: Jide134@gmail.com, (516) 708-6295 Tournaments available: Harvard 2014, TOC 2014 Summary of debate experience and education: Debated 4 years in HS (Bishop Loughlin, NY: Debated on both local and Nat. Circuit), and Current Debater @ UMKC (4th year, I debate on both the regional and National level. Broke at every Nat. Tournament attended this year) Willing to cut cards/research? (Y/N): Yes, with pay Transportation needed? (Y/N): Yes / Negotiable. We can talk about that. Housing needed? (Y/N): Yes
  3. I feel you. i just wonder how the JV division is going to be - i hope its not as hard as GDI, Yale, or Big Bronx --- that wont be cool at all
  4. Im debating JV and the rest of my teem are novice and i really dont know what to expect. is the competition at this tournament usually tough??? what do you think ill need blocks to???
  5. does anyone know where i can find/get some really deontology files/articles from? also, how to best develop/set up a deontological framework in the 2AC?
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