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  1. My sort-of-official-unofficial partner decided to compile all of the most bullshit specs he could find into one file. This is part of the result. Death-spec: A. Interpretation: The aff must specify how people die from their harms B. Violation: The aff fails to specify what kills people in their harms C. That’s bad I. It allows for cheap affs. Harms can state that deaths will occur for no specific reason, and the aff will warp it so that only their aff can solve, no matter how unrealistic it is. II. The aff can claim to solve for deaths that are inevitable or unable to be prevented, and these deaths are simply naturally related, not caused by their impacts. III. It kills neg strategy as the neg can never successfully answer arguments like how racism somehow causes deaths. IV. Education is lost, as we debaters never learn what is the true cause of these deaths, and therefore can never offer a true solution to the problem. D. This is a voter for fairness education and competitive equity
  2. I'm on Trevor's team; at Michigan I nearly won on it. But then we decided to go for the dropped T violation instead. And it's totally legit.
  3. Who needs blocks? I make up answers to OSPEC during my 2AC.
  4. 7-week had a violation in their file that was something along the lines of "people are legal entities," which would obviously exclude immigrants, but you might get into some discourse debates by claiming that immigrants aren't people...
  5. Pshaw, the MNDI prison rape aff has a couple of narratives in it. Most legit aff ever written.
  6. Anyone got a Schopenhauer file? I could trade something or other, although I don't have much. And I used the search feature, and all I could find is this 30-page thing with no formatting whatsoever.
  7. Well hey there, Gannon. Seems kinda untopical... But I haven't read the lit so I don't know anything about this aff.
  8. Four pages of author indicts is the way to go.
  9. You'll find both in pretty much any framework file.
  10. You'd think it'd be easy to find this card, right? Wrong. Every single abortion file I'm looking through does not have any explicit "patriarchy leads to dehumanization" cards. Maybe I'm looking through the wrong files? Maybe I'm not looking hard enough? Maybe I'm just too lazy? I dunno. At any rate, if anybody has this card, please, please, please make my life easier and give me it.
  11. I've got the DDI 07 framework file... It's pretty legit.
  12. I'm in the need of some abortion-related files... Courts key cards would be nice, as well as some advantages that aren't patriarchy. Anybody got stuff? A2s would be nice too. (I'm tired of writing my own blocks )
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