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  1. now it is... what even

  2. this profile change... i'm so confused

  3. Hey, I want to apply for Evazon authorship but I'm having a hard tine figuring out how to - how should I go about doing this?

  4. DML

    just a tip, you shouldn't use the overview effect book for heidegger, it doesnt say what you think it says

  5. wait what is this?

    1. The X Factor

      The X Factor

      It's magic. See also: Facebook+ tumblr + debaters= new cross-x. So beauty.

  6. DML

    Such a fantastic movie

  7. if you get cross-x answers up soon I can put up the block

  8. Welcome to this premier gem of high school debate, full of QUALITY!

  9. But what if you aren't the real Lucy Shen? She might get mad at you impersonating her

  10. Wait are you the real Lucy Shen?

  11. The Giant from the show Twin Peaks, why?

  12. anything to come closer to mitchell caminer and tom trieu; also, I'll go neg

  13. i challenge you to a vdb8

  14. I have to spread rep around, but :D @ your rep

  15. "Cojoh"


    He had a vdebate and read Dada. Fun shit.

  16. I sort of can't tell you for various reasons involving him wanting privacy/me finding it mildly entertaining. And Oskar because Cole's already on here and I just picked the first non-Cole-South-debater who came to mind.

  17. my bet's on oskar


    also I see you've met hadoken

  18. So which not-Cole-South-kid are you?

  19. DML

    lolz it's actually not me

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