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  1. according to all of the videos you are able to subdivide the debate tub that is shown i am not asking about expandos simply how to organize the debate tub into files like the new upgrade is supposed to have http://georgetowndebateseminar.wikispaces.com/synergy this URL has a video about the virtual tub system i want to know how exactly to do this
  2. Two questions: How do you make the tubs you want (like name them aff, neg, etc)? How do you subdivide the tubs?
  3. Does anyone have this file....especially for Katrina and FEMA??? those who went to Kentucky for camp might be able to help with this??
  4. so i need the disaster neg and specifically Katrina and Fema. Did anyone go to Kentucky and want to post this neg? The planet debate link shows education so its no help and neither is NDCA. Thank you!
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