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  1. Michigan State Evan Hebert - Brother Rice Wake Forest Michael Crowe - Brother Rice
  2. Unfortunately, I'm not going to the TOC this year. Even if I was going and planning to break an aliens aff, I wouldn't post the full text of the 1AC before the tournament in exchange for Schopenhauer answers. Defeating Schopenhauer's argument doesn't require cards. However, I do appreciate the gesture, and I will be updating my wiki page soon.
  3. Could they really be much worse than Schopenhauer? I think not.
  4. The following cite is from your 08-09 wiki page. Because this card is from "personal correspondence with interviewer Michael Antonucci," it is not available online. I would appreciate it if you'd either post the full card in this thread or email it to me at speedman608@gmail.com. Thanks. IT MUST BE CONGRESS WHO DISCLOSES EXTRATERRESTRIAL ALTERNATIVE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY – SUCH LEGISLATION WOULD NECESSITATE CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS AND SPILLOVER TO FULL DISCLOSURE AND INVESTIGATION OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL PHENOMENA. HEIN, 2005 Simeon, Ph. D., sociology, Washington State University, seven semesters of college teaching experience, publications in mainstream social science journals, teaches Resonant Viewing at the Institute for Resonance, personal correspondence with interviewer Michael Antonucci, 4/15/05, published with author’s permission I think the best approach to Open Contact would be through congressional legislation. This is because such a law would … like Senate Appropriations, have been able to get any information about these black projects.
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