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  1. who won finals held @ the lex tournament?
  2. 1. St. Mark's MB v. 32 Stratford JS Serrano, N Allen, Sam Bricker, B 16. Lexington VE v. 17 GDS KL Lingel, Da Haley-Hill, Sam Grusin, Sa 8. Dallas Jesuit GM v. 25 OPRF HH Baxter-Kauf, Randall, Lanning 9. Edina SS v. 24 HoFlo RC JV Reed, Jeff Metz, Max Voldman 4. Mountain Brook MQ v. 29. MBA HS And Murray, Schirmer, R Schy 13. Greenhill PP(aff) v. 20 Kinkaid BB Manuel, McFarland, Levkovitz 5. Carrolton DU v. 28 Westminster MW K Hamrick, Hammound, Jeff Zhang 12. Greenhill BS v. 21 Mercer Island GP Da Weston, Burch, Krishnamur 2. Gulliver AT v. 31 BCC MN Corrigan, Arnett, Brian Peterson 15. GDS HS v. 18 HoFlo GS Abelkop G, Kirsch, Sadagopal 7. Kinkaid RD v. 26 Woodward SS Jennings, Aldrete, Selesner 10. Pembroke HV v. Iowa City DH JHeidt, Short, Batterman 3. Westminster AT v. 30 Greenhill BU Clark, Voss, Mahoney 14. CPS PY v. 19. Notre Dame TD Cronin, Watson, Je Martin 6. Damien FG v. 27 St. George's LN D Lai, Sanchez, Timmmons 11. Hooch ID v. 22 Centennial LM Ramakrishn, Sh Jordan, Fiori Speakers- 1. Ellis Allen, Westminster 2. Pablo Gannon, Damien 3. Anna Dimitrijevic, Carrolton 4. Daniel Taylor, Westminster 6. Alex Miles, St. Mark's 13. Greg Adler, Gulliver Prep
  3. Jsmith11


    Ya.....I'd feel willing to say that the NDCA has competition better than any or most octas bid tournaments, but it has such a small pool that competition is fierce-the number of top-notch teams who don't go is small and dwindling, the judging is fantastic, and every debater I have ever talked to about it, including debaters who traveled nationally, felt it was an incredible tournament experience. Also 3(i don't remember the other one) of the teams in semis were either in the top 2 of the baker or semis at the toc, or both. Just saying.
  4. Jsmith11


    Could Friedel be an option? http://insider.espn.go.com/espn/blog/index?entryID=4903209&name=us_national_soccer&action=login&appRedirect=http%3a%2f%2finsider.espn.go.com%2fespn%2fblog%2findex%3fentryID%3d4903209%26name%3dus_national_soccer
  5. Jsmith11


    Why are there only some quarters pairings in the TIF bracket but you just posted octas pairings?
  6. Jsmith11


    http://www.joyoftournaments.com/defn/9/4/9469/Round%202%20-%20Policy.TIF pairings, does anybody know how to make them readable? Even when I zoom in/make the screen rez bigger/smaller, the shape of the pairing stays the same.
  7. Would it be possible for St. Francis to post cites on the wiki? Also which Meadows teams are going?
  8. where's patrick going to college?
  9. It was at octas-16 teams got them 1- GBS (6 wins) 2- Damien (5) 3-Carrollton (5) 4- Woodward (5) 5- Bronx (5) 6-Greenhill (5) 7-New Trier (4) 8-Rowland Hall St Marks (4) 9- Kinkaid (4) 10- St Marks (4) 11-Whitney Young (4) 12-Pembroke Hills 13-McDonogh (4) 14- Notre Dame (4) 15-Brophy Prep (4) 16- Bishop Guertin (4)
  10. Sides/panel? Is Dave Hingstman on the panel?
  11. GBS d. Rowland Hall Woodward d. Bronx Semis- GBS v. Woodward New Trier v. Carrolton
  12. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34606578/ns/world_news-the_new_york_times/ Yemen too.
  13. I did not mean to be rude to SD, I never made any remarks why they were sketchy or losers, and I most certainly made no such remarks AFTER she had come on and said what she said. I believe her. Yes, Bill Batterman did put up a choice, however, that is mostly for teams that are not achieving the level of success that SD has achieved this year. There is still the "reciprocality Disad" as to why you not disclosing but using other teams disclosure is not good, but this isn't very relevent since in this instance it was just a misunderstanding. If you don't know how to use the wiki, you can email Bill at the gmail address on the wiki. Thanks for doing this. JSMITH
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