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  1. The majority of this is coming from STL. Best 1A- Winston Best 2A- Matt Best 1N- PDhama Best 2N- Cameron (esp when its DnG) Best Team- Marquette CJ or PWest DL Best LDer- Jack Siegel Best Negative Position- CP Worst Negative Postion- Justification Case of the Year- COIN Worst Case of the Year- Kuwait (normal or dogs) Ultimate Kritik- Not really a K debator, but I'd have to go with Security Counterplan of the Year- Advantage CPs Best DA- START Worst DA- Bulgaria DA Best Card- Innocent and Carpenter 09 Worst Card- Kaplan 10 Fastest Debater- Matt Johnson Best Word Economy- Winston Best Spreaders- Matt/Bailey Best Speakers- Sieggy/Kelsey Most improved team- Winston/Parag Best Novice- Michael Anderson- no doubt. Team that will likely become great- Mujtaba/Jeffrey Best adapters- Matt/Bailey Most likely to run Irony- Saad Most likely to amaze you with a cool position- Saad (GSL Finals- the sems round) Most likely to take off shirt- Saad Judge of the Year - Omar Panel of the year - Marquette Sems- (Blasdel, Sawyers, Schiel) Ballot of the year (text) - Ill have to find the one from our sems round at GSL finals. Best Run Tourney- Marquette Worst Run Tourney- Ritenor Most qualified Judging pool Tourney- Marquette Worst qualified Judging pool Tourney - Jeff City Most interesting tourny moment - Sems at GSL finals (Winston should agree with this) Most Admired coach (NOT your own)- Omar Squad of the Year (NOT your own)- Marquette Person who has contributed the most to the program- Hurst
  2. Qualified: 1- Jeff City A 2- Marquette A 3- Parkway South A Next up: 4- Parkway West B 5- Marquette B 6- Parkway West A 7- Parkway South B 8- Jeff City B
  3. don't expect any STL teams. we have congress districts this weekend. -Junaid
  4. Note: Seeding are based on approximations. Quarters: (1) Dharmavarapu/Luo d. (8) O'Brien/ Sharrif (3-0) (4) Yasin/Anderson d. (5) Richardson/Crossnoe (2-1) (7) Upadhyuyula/Streid d. (2) Zhao/Syed (3-0?) (3) Purohit/Lekie d. (6) Hornsby/Thomas (3-0) Sems: Note: Brackets were broken. (1) Dharmavarapu/Luo d. (7) Upadhyuyula/Streid (3-0) (3) Purohit/Lekie d. (4) Yasin/Anderson (2-1) Finals: PWest and Shawnee Mission West split.
  5. junaidy


    I was just wondering if anybody had good,effective blocks. Im always looking to expand.
  6. junaidy


    Does anybody have a good heg file- self cut and organized- they are willing to trade. PM if interested. I have a decent bit to trade.
  7. Matt or Cameron: Could either of you post up a teams list when the entries are done?
  8. What's with the split? I am assuming this is temporary. For west, we downsized from 9 team to just one. Junaid Yasin/Taha Aziz (COIN/Breaking new)
  9. The tournament has been rescheduled for next weekend. hope to see you all there. We may have a slight change up of teams due to the ACT being next Saturday as well.
  10. My bad, I forgot that Marquette also sent kids to camp and you could probably ask David on your team for advice. I think you guys have also sent other debaters to camp as well. In addition, PSouth sent two debaters to camp. They would also be helpful.
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