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  1. hey, i have one a team mate of mine wrote email me at will.hampton92@yahoo.com
  2. how do you use files that are not is the right form(files previously on your computer)?
  3. what if you dont have alll the files printed?
  4. I was wondering how you move or change your files so that you can debate paperless?
  5. what is ontology tradeoff? what camp produced it?
  6. title is self explainatory what do yall think is the best DA on the topic?
  7. So i recently judged a debate tournament this weekend having not judged in a while i noticed a change that people are not spreading but are talking pretty damn fast and are now reading cards. so i was wondering if anyone else has noticed this in Georgia and in the national circut?
  8. and then just follow the order from the previous speech?(after the bloc)
  9. whats the best way to number arguments for the 2AC do u just go off the 1NC or any order, and then for the rest of the debate do u follow the 2AC order?
  10. Centennial has some up and comming debaters and should be strong in the near future
  11. any idea when they will come out?
  12. is there going to be a third aff?
  13. is it going to comeout before wesminister?
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