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  1. I'm on a boat (feat. T-Pain)- the lonely island
  2. watch out for the oncoming mob of k debaters. i can see the pitchforks and torches for miles way [insert witty k-debater parallel]
  3. how about wannaberebelstothebigbadcapitalistsystem.com
  4. if you are truly paperless, with three computers, i doubt they would all crash. the great thing is that you'll always hve a backup when you go paperless, but you can easily lose papers and ffiles when going pro-paper. just one of the pros and cons
  5. thanks you guys. can you give me an example of a representation in a debate round?
  6. is there a possible way to make it into a mac-compatable format like .doc instead of zip? its just not opening.
  7. what does it mean when "discourse shapes reality"? i've seen it a lot in last years fw files with bleiker going off about it. thanks,
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