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  1. One of my debaters at a Umich camp said he might be helping cut it for them.
  2. It's nothing special really. Just a team putting a voting issue in some place that you won't expect it (such as ASPEC in the middle of an agent cp) to attempt to make the other team miss it. This practice is generally frowned upon though and many judges will deduct speaks or give more leeway for answers. Stay away from doing this and try to win your debates with actual cleverness along with your skill and preparation.
  3. Doesn't really sound substantial to me. Not to mention that it isn't really exploration beyond the mesosphere.
  4. I've seen something like this as well in the released NASA documents. The biggest problem I see is that you'd still have to use conventional launch methods unless you figure out some way to control the radiation, which was why project ORION was initially scrapped. PS I'm so jealous of all you debating next year.
  5. My first thought. Probably true if Obama can keep this as a major issue until the election or be perceived as the president who "ended the war."
  6. trade? pleaseeeeeeeeee our aff just got screwed for nats so why not plan: consult the good doctor about bomb sniffing dolphins On a more serious note, I agree wtih above posters that the best part of debate is discussing things that are outside the scope of what is normally socially acceptable.
  7. Ohio Solon- ? St. Ignatius- Colella/Dokler Sorry I don't know the exact details but I'll post more if I get them.
  8. This past weekend my partner and I beat an aff that uses troops in South Korea to invade North Korea. Quarters of states
  9. do they really?! That's sweet! I don't know why I thought otherwise...
  10. DML is right. Most tournaments/districts don't care (though you will wanna check first). Be sure to ask all the participants, though the vast majority usually have no qualms
  11. Fordham University (full tuition scholarship) possibly debating, no policy though :/
  12. Awesome T blocks are not enough when you are as close to objectively untopical as possible and you debate a team that is good at T.
  13. I agree with the above posters that COIN would be difficult for someone from a small school. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of BMD's either because they probably are not topical. ^DISCLAIMER: I don't know if all teams run it the same way. The team I debated on it was from New Trier and the plan text was something like: The USfg should end its military presence in Japan for research, development and deployment of ballistic missile defense. However you find are good at topicality and ready to roll that's what I'd choose out of those two. If I were you though, I'd take a look at some other affs like TNW, Okinawa, PMC...
  14. still haven't seen ballots or anything.. anyone know where to get them or if they are not being released or something?
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