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  1. I see nothing with a slower style. a very smart coach on our circuit talked to me how a slow team he once say at NFL nationals use to put 2 arguments on each flow in the 2ac. than in the 1ar extend the 1 or 2 points that really made the difference. The key was that those few arguments have better be good. Dont waste time with condi good/ bad theory debates. They just waste time. Instead just put out the arguments you need. As a slow debater on the national circuit i can tell you it is more difficult, but it sounds like to me your looking for a challenge. My last piece of advice is embracing the 1 off k strat. Its super effective against fast teams because if they dont slow down to make the analysis then there dead in the water. Its probably the most effective way to slow down and still win rounds. Also k = Some of the most interesting rounds ever. Just a thought. Good luck to you
  2. yes i understand that it should have been posted by this morning. but it has not been. So has anyone heard when exactly the judges preference sheet will be post this morning?
  3. Anyone known when judge prefrency is being posted?
  4. Me and my team mates are running a hillman aff. If you want details send me a private message. i can provide you with backups and what note at a small price if you want. but i can give you the overall concept for free
  5. The benefits of debate are better argumentation skills, organization, and time management. But the way your learning time management it wrong. Your idea that in order to best manage your time you need to go as fast as possible. take this to doing your chores. You mom has given you an hour to clean the garage, clean your room, and do the dishes. You wouldnt rush through them jsut to get them all done before she gets home, cause then the job is sloppy and you have to do it again anyways, or worse you get grounded. what you need to do is start with the biggest task, clean with the garage. get that done in 20 minutes. then your room, get that done in 20 minutes, then 20 minutes for dishes. Do rush just get it done, if your finishing up the chore when your mom gets home then at least she knowns that your getting it done and taht its getting done right. So instead of running 3 ks 6 t and a cp with 4 das. Run 1 t, one k and 1 cp. maybe a da. That way you can spend the most time on all of those, make them really good, and win more rounds. The way you learn your skills is wrong.
  6. 1) the point is not slowing down debate to allow for everyone. what about if we sped up football to the point that no one can follow it? gave it super complicated rules, or made it so specialized that no one cares anymore and no one wants to be part of the community. thats what speed represents. it represents something thats become so specialized that no one outside the activity cares or wants to be a pat of it. 2)Yes reward skills.but how about rewarding the right ones. the researchers and the clear communicaters. the ones that can four point an arguement and understand everything they run. thats whats need to be rewarded, not speed.
  7. 1) debate should be a spectator sport. it should be able to allow anyone to sit and watch a round and be better informed about the world. the president should be able to follow. thats the whole point. its to be able to communicate as best as possible. 2) imagine if we sped up football to the point where no one could follow it anymore. give it super complicated rules and make the players so specialized that no one can follow and no one ends up caring. no one wants that to be the case.
  8. i think there are plenty of people that work very hard that would say spreading is not good for debate The MDL is trying to get into the wdca but there reluctant because they dont like the speed. the entire north made there own division around pf because they didnt like speed. Why should debaters have to go to a lesser place because they have lesser ability? yes national tournaments are hard, that being said it doesnt need to be impossible for teams not activly involved in it
  9. everyone knows debate is more than jsut a sport. its a lifestyle. even someone like me nows that its a mental sport. so using the running example does not translate, because its different. and if you want to pull the bad sports examples heres one. the last three years the boston marathon has been won by a guy in a wheel chair. so if you really want to say that slower debaters shouldnt debate because there are better people than them , than your all more elitist than i thought.
  10. and people like me dont work hard either? people who are slower debaters dont work just as hard as the speedsters that claim to be better? what justification do you have that speed debaters work harder, think faster, and are smarter?
  11. are you saying that teams that work harder should be aloud to run 6 t blips 4 das 3 ks and a cp and not be subject to an abuse arguement? most people will never get to that level. shouldnt this be considered in the debate community? we are just going to see the same debaters every year, instead of a good competition
  12. Everyone sights that one example as if its suppose to make up for the hundreds of thousands of people that cant do it. i dont now the specifc situation so i cant comment further But thats the thing, people with learning or physical disorders are able to function in the rest of life. college they can do and they can hold jobs and do jsut fine in life. but debate is on a level so far above that this it excludes those people that cant do it. Just within the last 2 years five teams in northern wisconsin changed completely to pf. and more teams leave every year. and in the last 10 years speed has shown up, its more new than most people realize. i understand you have time restraints and need to speak faster to get some stuff in. but when your running 6 t blips and 7 das 3 ks and a cp it gets unfair and abusive. this is whats making teams leave. not everyone has the ability to speed like the pros. weather its equipment or time or money or skill. not everyone can get to this point, in fact most cant get to this point. shouldnt this majority be considered in the world?
  13. do you not think the national acceptance of speed is a drastic change?
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