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  1. logic

    Borders K

    can someone give me a rough outline of one + the basic idea behind the argument? gracias.
  2. PL: you know who i am. ; ) and I must say I do agree with you that we need more depth in our league, among other things. heh. Anyone who sends files to the OP...please send them to me also (aliteralist[at]gmail[dot]com
  3. I've been told that every K needs to have an offensive impact [why the mindset, language, action, etc. is harmful] and those can take the form of extinction, nuclear war and others. My question is this: is a case turn a legit impact to a K? As in, if aff utilizes rhetoric in their case that ultimately works against their case, would that be a K impact? Or would that argument be better as solvency?
  4. could someone explain the difference between the two?
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