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  1. lovedebate95

    FPL Neg?

    Does anyone have a good neg strategy against a federal poverty line affirmative? (raising FPL)
  2. Were their advantages predicated off of institutional racism?
  3. Can someone clarify to me what exactly systemic harms/impacts? Thanks!
  4. Awesome. Thanks so much everybody!
  5. lovedebate95


    What are possible impacts for an epistemology argument (argument kritiking the aff's evidence)?
  6. Hi! So I was thinking of writing a kritik, and I'm hoping that someone can help me by telling me a general format for writing a k. I know what it will be about, I just need kind of a main outline type thing to go by. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I was wondering how you debate inherency. I know what it is, but how do you go about it in the round?
  8. lovedebate95


    I was wondering if someone could please explain RRW to me. I find it really confusing and teams are running it, so thanks!!
  9. When people ask what are the net benefits to your counterplan, what exactly do they mean? I know that some people answer with politics, but what is the connection? Thanks!
  10. Actually, you can read new cards in the 1AR and the 1NR, but you shouldn't in any of the 2nd rebuttal speeches. You should just be extending the cards you read, and even in the 1st rebuttals, you shouldn't be reading too many new cards. The judge will probably like it better if you are clearly stating what you're extending and how it "outweighs".
  11. lovedebate95

    Ghost K?

    Hi all! So I was wondering if anyone could please explain the Ghost Kritik to me? I've heard a lot about it recently, and I'd like to know the argument behind it. Thanks!!
  12. where are you from? it might help to determine camp choices

  13. Actually, my sister will be going there this summer as well! I'm pretty sure that you ARE allowed to take cellphones, but there may not be much time to use them, or there might be some service problems. But no worries, because regardless, there will be phones that you can use in your dorm so you can contact family and friends. Have fun and learn lots!
  14. Does anybody know of any good debate camps for a rising freshman? Not too advanced, but not a camp for "beginners", either. Thanks!
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