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  1. hey guys! does anyone have a FULL speaker list? not just the top 20???
  2. Yes! I've been on the national circuit all year, but I'm technically a novice, but debating varsity. I'm doing okay, but want to bid next year.
  3. Hello, So basically here is my problem. I want to win, and I want to do well, and I want to be a really good speaker, and I am willing to work. The thing is, when I sit down to actually do the work.........................................................I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. The best thing I can think of is doing speed drills. Then I'm like....okay should I cut a new file? But then I don't know what to cut. And I write 2AR overviews, stuff like that, but other than that, I am completely at a loss. What to do? PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks guys!
  4. Hi everyone, I have no clue how to get higher speaker points in round. I feel like it's so random. Is it how fast you go? How well you speak? How good your evidence is? How clear you are? I feel like so many times I'll speak better than certain people but then they do better, or I speak worse than them but I do better. It just seems arbitrary. What types of things are judges looking for? I guess it would help if some judges responded to this. Thanks in advance!!
  5. Hello! I am beyond confused about what Lacanian Psychoanalysis is. I have a general idea (correct me if I'm wrong) - Lacan thinks that through doing movements we are attempting to fit people into the mold of the "perfect person" and that we should be tailoring movements to each person? That may be completely wrong... And what is sublimation? Meaning, how does that fit into the kritik? Thank you so much! You guys are amazing
  6. Hi! Does anyone know when DDI will be this year? And any comments? Good and bad? Should I go or should I not go? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Can anyone explain to me the generic ideas that a Rorty argument and a Krishna argument would pose against a K? Meaning, what is each one saying? Thanks!
  8. Thank you! Can you explain this alt solvency thing? What kind of stuff would I need?
  9. i am in desperate need of help here. Basically, I am trying to write a new kritik (one based on a philosophy we just found) and I don't think it's ever been made before. I need help with writing it! It's still in very early stages. We have a 1NC Shell (obviously), perm answers, link extensions, impact extensions. What else is generic that a kritik would need? PLEASE HELP! I will be infinitely grateful.
  10. So basically, What would be the advantages to this aff? And can someone explain the advantages to me? And provide a possible plan text?
  11. Well, it's kind of too late to apply to a summer camp for this year. However, next year I definitely suggest the Dartmouth Debate Workshop. I'll be there in a week!
  12. So, I'll be going to DDW this summer (in a week ) and I have a few questions for anybody that's been there before or for anyone that might have ANY idea. (these may seem like some dumb questions, but bear with me here.) How many tubs? How much paper? Should I take my computer and cell phone? Any other important advice? Thanks!
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