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  1. He died from pneumonia and a stroke... And he NEVER actually ate babies.
  2. Idk about official NDCA rules, but at most GHSA/GFCA tournaments, you can be disqualified and/or reprimanded for cutting cards/ using the intranetz during your round(s).
  3. why isn't marx, the father of the cap critique, a good author???
  4. can someone link me to the anarchy cp [if available]?
  5. does anyone know where to find cites for Virno's "Grammar of the Multitude"? Yeah... I'm to lazy to actually read the whole thing.
  6. I needs it pplz. plz help
  7. does anyone know where to find cites for the kappler k?
  8. Past/ Present team cites: I need them. Any cites on performative aff theory is welcomed; racism, white supremacy cases preferred. kthxbai.
  9. Yes, it's fair... just kind of pointless... just out of curiosity, what DA and what CP? and what was the aff?
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