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  1. Hey, quick question, how do you write neg 2ac blocks?
  2. Also T, whatever aff your gunna run your pretty much always likely to hit T. Block out politix as swell.
  3. Kanye is literally a jerk. Did ya'll see the look on Taylor's face? She looked shocked. And Beyonce's? like seriously, wtf Kanye?!
  4. CXDebater10


    This year i wanted to get new tubs. But im not sure where to get them. The last tubs i had i got at target and they suxed. Can someone tell me where i can get standard debate tubs?
  5. debate camp is not necessary but its rather usefull. I would strongley recomend going to one because there are so many benifits about them: 1. get to learn about the new topic and have some backroung information 2. by the time you come back home you already have evidience to work with and you can do addon's to them 3. you will have practice debates on the new topics so you can test out your new arguments. Even though we are in a recession, and its rather expnsive to go to camp, its your call. but those three points that i mentioned are some of the benifits about going to camp.
  6. Hey can someone explain counter plan theory to me? fyi: im not a novice. thanks!
  7. yeah you can bring food. and there should be a mini kitchen within the dorms.
  8. It really depends on your coach(es). my coaches are very helpful and are usually pretty approachable whenever i have a question.
  9. brushing your teeth? how dose that help???
  10. SPS is pretty good. but i think CSP is alot better
  11. practice, practice, practice. thats the best thing you can do. try doing some drills. some of the most classic ones are the pen drill and the "a" drill.
  12. to bring a cart to my first debate tourney. my partner and i had to carry around 2 large tubs. we looked rather dumb and felt very embarrassed
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