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  1. Congrats to everyone. (I was in front at awards) All debates I saw were fantastic and everyone did a great job. Good luck at Nats to Pembroke, BSS, and Raytown! EDIT: I was sitting in front. I'm not going to nats. Lol, sorry I didn't clarify that...
  2. My opinion is that this is a weak argument when you said they failed to have evidence that minorities are in poverty in their 1AC. In fact, that might piss off some judges right then and there. (If you think about it, it's not really fair) Because it's not explicitly stated in the resolution, then it's not mandatory for them to provide you with anything. I think you could potentially make this into a K, but for now, I think you should go with: -Federal Poverty Lines -Extra T (persons) It's things like that. You don't want to really run a T that nobody will have any answers to, do you? Then it's just a boring debate.
  3. 1. Something that derserves its own category. 2. All, mainly flow because lays probably wouldn't care. 3. It's pretty clear and easy to follow.
  4. No, Ben. I'm meaning that it could be a K, but the way I have it typed is that it's not completely developed.
  5. I'm thinking what I have is a baby K. Lol! The judges tend to be more conservative here, but I'm thinking that it's a pretty good argument that's understandable. But thanks
  6. Sure, we've all seen generic disadvantages, topicality, K's, etc, but something just crossed my mind. If someone were to create an argument that didn't fit generic standards of regular arguments like disads, how would a judge react to that? To be more specific, I'm talking about a neg argument in contentions. (Similar to a cross of T and a DA) *however nothing about either of the two. This seems really hard to explain without giving away my entire thoughts. But from what you see, what do you think?
  7. cause i misssss you, body and soul so strong, that it takes my breath away

  8. You link me to yours.

  9. hey new best friend. i want to add you on facebook. link me your profile.

  10. Aw, Well, now that you've figured it out, congrats? (It really doesn't matter to me. I've gave out plenty of hints. AND- you could've searched Culver's mutual friends on facebook. Just saying. I've been on there for awhile.) And ok, my coach said it was fine, but I'll let him know today.
  11. I'm going varsity. I have a varsity partner. I have the points. All I'm doing is novice IE's. As far as pretty much half the team told me, that's all the requirements for judging. At least in this area. Edit: just because I went novice at your tournament doesn't mean I can't go varsity whenever. Novices can bump up.
  12. I thought SNAP and food stamps were slightly different programs?
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