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  1. Well, yeah. the original post is probably worded way too strongly. I'd be phasing it in slowly, and trying to get the judging pool to accept it. There are also efforts to reform the judging pool, but it's happening slowly. As for adapting, I can do that. Last year, my partner and I won the second-largest qualifier in our region (CA state) and broke at Nationals. I know how to fight on the level of the league at large, I'm just kind of getting tired of it. I mean, I know that lay judges have a place, and to an extent, they're good for debate. But if I want to learn how to communicate, well, I'm planning to do parli in college anyways, and I'm going to be doing extemp. My optimum league would be to have a mid-speed debate, slightly above conversational speed, with at least good analysis, and I don't think that's too much to ask for, to be honest. Besides, I could also use some of the more reasonable files just to bring a greater depth of argumentation to the league. Maybe nothing crazy, just impacts beyond "we like democracy, so if we can't promote democracy, that must be bad", you know? (btw, I dug your vdebate vs DA MACHINE. I thought the Barbie Girl thing was hilarious.)
  2. Dear Cross-Ex: Your leagues own. My league sucks. Help me help it suck less. A bit of background: I'm in a Christian homeschool "team policy" league called the NCFCA (I think there have been a few threads about it in the past). No speed above conversational. Retarded parent and lay judges every round. Basically no K's. Almost no strong positions above one card from the Cato institute. Having watched many NFL and CEDA rounds, I, gentlemen, am in HELL. All the DA's are one card long- if the plan is Cap and Trade, it says "C&T will collapse the economy". one card, very little warrant behind it, no impact past that. No extinction scenarios. Every round I'm bored out of my skull. Oh, and did I mention that our resolutions suck fat ones? Yeah. "RESOLVED: That the USFG should significantly reform its environmental policy." Shoot me. So, I'm asking you for help. Help me help my league. What I'm asking for is all the nutty-ass disads, K's (nothing too lit-heavy like Baudrillard though, I want to run these at some point), counterplans, et cetera that you're comfortable giving me. Aff files, especially for the big affs last year like ITER, etc. would also be the bombdiggety. I have nothing to offer. This is purely a dude who has nowhere else to go. I've harvested the backfiles from energy year, but it's not enough-- I'm looking for files that have stood up to full competition season instead of preliminary stuff. I'd prefer that they were vaguely applicable to this year's rez (last two lines of the above paragraph). I plan to be using these this year. I'm just going to fight from the inside out until the league changes or I die trying to make it change. You've got nothing to lose either, I think, because nobody cross-competes between the NCFCA and NFL. NCFCAers would just get eaten alive. You probably have little to gain from this save helping a tortured soul find some small comfort in his crappy situation. Anybody feeling nice? tl;dr, my league sucks, need fatty stacks files to troll the nublets, kthx penguinlogick@gmail.com [<-- plz put "cross-ex" in the subject line.] Gracias.
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