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  1. Does anyone have any ev. that China Indian war would lead to extinction? Thanks
  2. Definitely, but I was hoping for more of a disad that deals with that region
  3. does anyone know where I can get access to these?
  4. Does anyone have any cards saying that cultural diversity eliminates racism thx
  5. is there a difference between the biopolitics expressed by Foucault and Agamben
  6. Ya I guess, I could see that usually the judge would say that a certain impact broke an impact "tie" in which the DA and the aff had competing impacts even though I read a different scenario then they did, but I guess how do you deal with that ya that's what I usually do, but would you recommend going for one subpoint or all of them, and just out of curiousity would you do the same for kritical stuff our would it have to be different.
  7. Is there any difference between linear or systemic impact? how can you effectively make your impact break a "tie" with another impact that you don't claim? any good tips on impact cal? thx
  8. Ya, judges, on that bull. sounds familiar? have you gone to an out-of-state tourney?
  9. Are you gonna also rant about how you couldn't predict 50 state fiat? I hope your uncle is a miracle worker?
  10. those cards about afghan leads to spiritual poverty sounds sweet

    could I get them?

  11. does anyone have any cards or know where I can find any that provide an internal to another impact besides terrorism
  12. does anyone have one of these or know the most straightforward one
  13. lol thank you, but I was hoping for a file
  14. This helped Can I get a more in depth explanation of futurism
  15. I was wondering if I can get an explanation for these two and if anyone has good realism files and what is cede the political
  16. does anyone know where I can get a poetry aff or file and a performance aff
  17. ya, sure what do you have to trade?

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