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    Okay, I'm a freshman. This is my third year debating. :)
    Don't underestimate me, please.
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    I just put the down payment on my cardbord box
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  1. We've been trying to move to the STATE for 20 years. Lately, we've been stuck in Germany, Kansas, California, Nevada, an louisiana. Mom and Dad said I can go find the school I like, and that's where they'll look for houses. Of course I'll have a 60 mile radius, but I'm not disclosing my school.
  2. Oh sorry. Walrus said he'd dock my speaks and vote me down because apparently i'm rude
  3. LOL I can go to whatever school I want. and that's where I'll live.
  4. 1. I don't want cred. 2. The blonde joke was directed at Highland Mike. Go look at his facebook. 3. Whotf is that?
  5. At least we're not gay retards who have retarded blonde hair that looks like a bowl. and ugly glasses. and we sure as hell don't hug trees
  6. No. Illegal judging.
  7. Well llyod, Here's my opinion. Abortion sucks, but it has to be legal because of certain circumstances. 1. Some woman gets raped and doesn't want or can't have the child. 2. The family cannot afford a or another child. 3. The wife is trying to leave the husband and she can't leave him if she has another baby. And the neg would be like- 1. She can give it away to adoption. 2. They can give it to adoption as well. 3. You're royally screwed. Take the kids and run.
  8. I know what there's also a low tolerance for.
  9. Thing is, I didn't say "Are all your friends as fucked up as blah blah blah". You all were the ones to get all defensive. I apologized for everything I said, so how about you do the same? How about we just start this conversation over?
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