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  1. not really... i got hit with space col and human extinction in 75% of my rounds for energy
  2. im trying to cut a spinoff of the PAS aff mostly because i can barely find any evidence using the words assisted suicide. even so, i can't find any inherency stuff thats 08 or later can anyone send plz? btw, if anyone thinks this is a bad idea, u should tell me how i can improve upon it
  3. Alrite. its possible to make your "we are in poverty aff" a cp rite? cuz i need at least one funny thing under my arm just for the hell of it. and i rather make arguments that i like
  4. lol. ten posts and we still havent gotten anywhere... is anyone up for a post thats actually helpful?
  5. okok, idc if its funny to u or not, but my league in policy isnt exactly that competitive. i won with pikachu for alt. energy this year, so im pretty sure this would work for poverty... (the plan is just to throw off the the other team's confidence and answers. its a "mental" thing) im just asking for ideas thrown around here
  6. eh... my coach ran it once so i thought it was a good idea
  7. My friend and i are trying to write a your mom CP; plantext being: The USFG should employ your mom to do the [aff plan]. The main idea is that your mom is better than you, therefore your plan is inferior. i need more ideas cuz i cant find that much evidence... fyi: i was a novice this year, so sry if i ask dumbass questions
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