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    What aff is dulles currently reading? Water sanitation or plague? (or something else..)
  2. Can someone please explain the warrants of the Dillon 96 card? with as little jargon as possible also what exactly is the "zero point of the holocaust"
  3. I think he's refering to Greenhill's affirmative.. http://debatecoaches.org/wiki/index.php?title=2009-2010_Greenhill_%28TX%29_-_Arnav_Kejriwal_%26_Kush_Patel which i highly doubt any camps put out a neg for
  4. Does anyone have a TANF neg or know what camps put one out?
  5. How do they work? Also a file would be nice
  6. How do they work? Also a file would be nice.
  7. What does it mean? and who are some common authors that people use for it
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