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  1. wait until the end of the week and DDI will put one out.
  2. Irrelevant, because they're all going to have the same experience after the beer summit: http://www.xkcd.com/617/


    what is the virus doing?

    well, fuck it.

    The question is why does california, the state famous for hippies and beach bums, freak out about gay marriage, I mean, they have marijuana and that's worse. before anyone argues the marijuana point, I looked at the stats, marijuana really does rot your brain
  5. Thank you. Debate Over Nao.
  6. just a thought, but we could state that the united part of the resolution means that the federal government has to create the service without regard to state boundaries, which would create Solvency deficit, better arg for states. don't know what you would use for a definition for this tho... or poverty=infertile, thus you have to make free fertility clinics for all, this is bad, therefore the neg can go with CP
  7. just as a thought, you could argue as a turn on the health care that giving McDonalds too much money results in huge lobbying, lobbying bad, or shadow government, shadow government bad
  8. Anything on brownfields will be in this year too
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