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  1. Hey I was wondering if anyone still had a copy of the Kritikal Draft Camp aff (I'm talking about the one that was recorded for a demo debate that was on planet debate for a while... it was based on burning the draft cards). Or would point me in the right direction in order to get my hands on it.
  2. Sorry if i was confusing before, but i was wondering how you got a link to Yucca Mountain on this year's resolution... X leads to yucca yucca bad... WHAT IS X?
  3. Legal Service Corporation neg ftw
  4. What negative strategies/disads/cps are advisable against legal services, and is there any good case specific strategies or evidence?
  5. After reading some of SwineFlu's other posts, i don't actually think he actually could... If he couldn't tell the difference between a guy or a girl's name, I think he'd probably have a hard time reading and defending a definition from what he thought was a dictionary written by a Gary Coleman character.
  6. Would you consider Kiersten a "girl's name"? Because that is what she is listed as under the freaking NAME category... well, read closely and (this does meet every requirement of a question)... Translation for n00bz (*cough* Ryan *cough*): What advantages does TDP solve?
  7. Correct, I don't know if you could have said anything more vague as "it will be used as an advantage cp". I'm sure that the stantheman was inquiring as to what possible advantages you might be CP'ing out of when running TDP.
  8. Thanks Retired. I realize that ending capitalism would solve the ills of classism and class-based oppression, but what would my alternative be? Would a simple "reject" alternative also be able to function in this instance? I'm open to other alternatives, and any evidence/links/starting points would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hey, has anyone found a good K alt to classism? I've used the google search of cross-x and the search function and had no luck Any help would be very appreciated.
  10. Does anyone have any evidence that they could post to back the claim that an increase in soft power would in turn increase hegemony?
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