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  1. You could also say it's racist because slaves were forced to come here from Africa and if we were to kick them out where would they go? Oh I remember my days of running give back the land... the look on the other team's face is always priceless...
  2. Quarters: Gulliver TA v. GDS HS St Mark's MB v. Greenhill PP Westminster TA v. Pembroke HV Lexington EV v. Carrollton DU
  3. Results I know: MCA AE d. Beacon DF Carrollton DU d. GBS HS Beacon BB d. Greenhill BU Greenhill PP d. Brother Rice HC Pembroke HV d. Gulliver MZ St Mark's MB d. Carrollton CV
  4. This time it won't - I don't stalk them I go to the same school as them there's a difference...
  5. One last question: Can we take back things that we say? (i.e. I say I want to kill Obama in front of the police then get arrested for saying it can I say "oh I didn't mean for you to hear that"?)
  6. "It depends on the situation." Fair enough - Are reps good in THIS debate? "Agent CPs and DAs." Why can't your run Agent CPs and what DAs do you lose? As soon as these are answered I can get the 2AC up in like an hour.
  7. CX: Do you believe that representations are a good way of evaluating impacts? What is the link to the kritik? How does rejection of the affirmative solve for more "securitized thought" than the 1AC? Your Neocleous evidence talks about fighting for an alternative political language - what is the alternative political language that you propose and why is it better than that which exists in the 1AC? What ground do you lose absent our actor identification? Why are troops in South Korea good? Why does withdrawal of troops in South Korea lead to Japanese proliferation?
  8. It no longer has US presence. Sorry I was at a debate tournament but it's over now.
  9. Dustin I hate you <3
  10. Yeah thanks lol... this isn't actually the aff I run but it's similar. Oh and by the way sorry for the late response I checked yesterday but cross-x was down and this was the first time I could get back on.
  11. Lol I couldn't think of tags... and there's no way in hell your judging but I still wub woo :3
  12. egold


    Are there any results from the Pace RR out?
  13. egold


    Lol I can tell you for a fact that it's not. I mean sure it's a high performing public school but all our funding is cut. We can't afford printing paper lol
  14. egold


    By the way Beacon got to the finals of Blake, bRubaie. Edit: Great commentary by the way - awesome way of keeping us in the loop even if we can't be there ourselves.
  15. egold


    Does anyone know who the top speakers were?
  16. egold

    Lexington 2011

    UC Lab beat Baltimore Talent on a 2-1... Shultz sat.
  17. I run a security aff (South Korea) and the way my partner I phrase the question of reps framework vs fiatted policy option is that we defend plan action but we should evaluate the impact debate in the perspective of a reps first framework. This way they can't run a policymaking good framework against us because we are a hypothetically enacted plan but then we get to K politics and the way it currently functions. God I hate the politics DA.
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