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  1. Please welcome the new Notre Dame Director of Debate, Christina Tallungan. Christina was a former debater at Notre Dame HS (CA) and the University of Southern California. She was an assistant coach and completed her masters' work at Cal State University-Northridge. Most recently she has been the coach at Glenbrook North where she enjoyed much success. She was the main architect of a team that won the TOC. We hope that Christina will enjoy her new role here at Notre Dame, and hope that everyone is supportive as she makes this transition. CTMoney . ----Notre Dame (Contributions by GBN Team)
  2. I really don't care if it is generic ... one scenario I could use
  3. You saying a spillover argument to adoption of like other countries doing the plan?
  4. can ne one post that gilgann 96 card that would be cool
  5. So I want to get some ideas for Poverty Impacts so Aff solves poverty I need internal links from poverty to impacts I know structural violence is a big one but I think I would need some better ideas or some creative ones
  6. Impact turn: your moms a whore
  7. There are good articles on giving ex-cons jobs as a social service or reintegrating back into society
  8. repsfirst

    Microloans aff

    What would the impacts be?
  9. Notre Dame's Team is going and so is all of Damien's teams thats all I know I think the rest are going too.
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