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  1. Hey, Chaos. Curious what you think about opportunity costs of these actions. Taking random actions in a situation where you are acting based on the chance that those actions might somehow make things better naturally forecloses your opportunity to take actions that could be infinitely more valuable action. So why take RANDOM action if we don't KNOW that it will make things better?
  2. someone's running space based solar next year?
  3. I actually got to watch it. They did read the Ranciere aff, St. Marks went for a variety of case arguments and a civil war DA.
  4. This is radically different from how tournaments work in california. What does DCI even stand for?
  5. a model for politics debaters everywhere
  6. JFS


    nah kier-kier we debated sems and picked up on a 2-1 against ashland markovich and mills - conceded finals to mcgougz and vajay
  7. JFS

    Zizek K

    Mine is like a million pages - whatchu got?
  8. My impression is that there is more literature on the bad shit that would happen if we withdrew from most countries than positive effects, which leaves affirmatives to say 'presence bad' rather than 'withdrawal good'.
  9. RFD: To sum up the debate, you won because you lost.
  10. JFS

    Thursday File

    Before everyone says, "This should be in the 'Thursday Files' subsection!", nobody had posted in that subsection for a long time, so I figured I wouldn't get much response. Is there a Thursday file coming out this week in light of USC/Whitman?
  11. This only matters if you can't make decisions that affect your life... you don't have to know the answer to political issues, especially at your age Rothenbaum
  12. I'm gone until Sunday with no internet - terribly sorry, but this debate will be on pause for a while...
  13. 1600, but you need to wait for the 1NR - i have debate practice most of today - so that won't be for a day or two - sorry
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